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Westworld season 2 streaming on : Hotstar

About the show : one of the most daring and ambitious project on TV . With excellent production design and background score each episode of Westworld is worthy of a theatre screen viewing. A show that’s get better with multiple viewing because it’s difficult to understand and interpret the plot . Its a show about humans trying to play god ,But what if the product is not meant to be controlled by the creater. Great cinematography and artistic violence add up to the viewing appeal. The show does try to confuse us with its timeline rather than making is simple . Just bathe ur mind fresh before watching because you won’t enjoy it if ur tired .don’t forget to watch the first season before hopping to second.

Who should watch : those into artificial intelligence and futuristic fantasy.

Who should not watch: those who like entertainment to be served simple and easily palatable.

Rating : 8.5/10

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Nishant Shah

Dentist by Profession, Nishant is an avid movie buff. He never misses a single movie and is your one stop destination to know if a movie is worth watching. At times, his movie reviews are more awaited than the movie itself. Grab your popcorn now!


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