Why Shama Sikander deserves 200K Followers on Instagram?

Shama Sikander Hot

Shama Sikander is an Indian Model who is famous for her acting in the Serial Yeh Meri Life Hain and for her role in Aamir Khan starrer Mann. 

One of the most famous models on Instagram, she now boasts of 200K Followers. First of all, it is mainly because of her hot looks and extremely sleek physique. She is the dream girl for every boy who wants a hot and smart girlfriend in life. In addition, her tours around the world, her pool looks are all one to die for.

Shama Sikander’s Filmography

Shama Sikander has worked in several Web series like Mayaa ( based on BDSM – Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) and has got steamy hot scenes. Check it out here

Furthermore, Shama Sikander has also worked on other series like Sexaholic directed by Shailendra Singh. It had got 1 M Views within just a week. Check it out here to know the reasons

She had several affairs over her 18 year long career and lastly she got engaged with James Millirion in 2016. He is a big time businessmen in USA. Yes, he is the guy who all of us should envy because he has impressed Shama head over heels. Honestly speaking, who wouldn’t if given a chance by Shama Sikander! Imagine being the boyfriend of Shama Sikander for even one day

Shama Sikander became famous through television and she never looked back. Although she did not have a successful career in Bollywood, lately she has managed to get a lost of Web series. As a result, it has changed her fortunes for better.

Most noteworthy, Shama Sikander is the “Babe of the Week” and for young college guys, she is the your dream girl (pun entirely intended). Don’t worry, therefore, there is a lot going to come on her, on her vacations, on her beau James Millirion and her hot steamy and sultry looks.

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