BiggBoss11: Owing to her kissing scenes, Bandgi Kalra ousted from her house and father in serious condition


BiggBoss has always given a glimpse of glamour and love, be it Tanisha and Armaan or Ashmit Patel with Veena Malik. This time it is Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra. They have crossed all boundaries and just can’t keep hands off each other.. Be it  hand-holding sessions or kissing, the scenes have just reached its zenith.  gone too far. Post lights off,  they have been noticed sleeping with each other under one quilt on many occasions and were recently captured entering bathroom together at 1:30 AM. 

Only God knows what naughty acts they have been doing inside! Their dirty talks have also started surfacing on the couch. 

For e.g. Check this video. They have been clearly seen kissing, hugging, groping and enjoying each other.



We have come to know from secondary sources that Bandagi’s father, owing to her acts have been hospitalized due to high blood pressure. She hails from a well to do family from Jalalabad, a tier III city in Punjab.  

Bandgi is a software engineer by education and had been working at Capgemini before she entered Bigg Boss. It has also come to know that she has been asked to pack her bags and leave the house where she currently resides.  

She used to live in a very reputed society and such societies have a strict rule against such celebrities/actress who do such nonsense. The parents are afraid that it may have negative impact on their kids. Even after being held up by Salman to perform not such acts as it could have negative influence on the kids watching the show, their vulgarness has shown no limits. 

Only time will tell whether their love for each other is real or just for the sake of the show. However Bandagi had clearly mentioned at the starting of the show, that she could go to any extent to make sure she wins, even if it means lowering dignity. 


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