This killing diet plan made Manushi Chhillar win MissWorld 2017


Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar has found an overnight fame and love. She is all over the media for her wit, beauty and her various interests. 

Her win has ended the drought spell for India in beauty peagants with Manushi becoming the 1st Miss World India in the last 17 years. Obviously, she will receive a lot of offers from Bollywood and Hollywood. 

As a famous adage says, Luck works when preparation meets opportunity. Her fitness, sought after physique and figure is because of her killing and strict regime in terms of diet and exercise.

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What exercise Manushi follows to stay so fit? 

  • Healthy and Heavy Breakfast – Skipping the breakfast is not a mistake but a sin. One should never miss the breakfast. 
  • Have 6 – 7 meals in a day – smaller ones – eating regular meals help to reduce the temptation to snacks that includes high sugar and fat. 
  • Avoid refined sugar, processed carbs and too much glutton. 
  • Avoid having any creamy sauce or one that can lead to hunger after 2 hours. Instead of choosing the main course, better opt for an appetizer. Intelligent people always order a salad along with meal. 
  • Workout Regularly – Working out is must to avoid fat getting stores and keep muscles toned. 
  • Twisting & Cross Fit – Cross Fit is the most exhaustive form of exercise and helps in strengthening, lengthening and toning your body. Along with that you can do twisting, as it helps in elimination of pain and the internal scar tissue formation. 
  • Squats & Dips – Taught from our childhood, regardless of age, gender, as well as fitness goals. Squats are for legs and dips benefit the entire body in a number of ways.  
  • Dance – Zumba, Hip hop are the best way to make sure the body is always flexible and mobile. 

What does Manushi eat everyday to stay so fit and gorgeous? 

Early Morning – Two to Three Glasses of Water with Lemon squeezed. 

Breakfast – Plain yogurt with oatmeal or wheat flakes and fresh fruits. Two to three egg whites with carrot, beets, and sweet potatoes. 

Mid-meal: Coconut water with fruits. 

Lunch: rice/chapatti/ Quinoa with a bowl of vegetables and shredded lentils/ chicken. 

Evening: Unsalted nuts with fruits or bananas. 

Dinner: Chicken/fish (grilled/roasted) with sautéed vegetables (broccoli/carrots/beans/mushrooms/beets). 

Source: FilmyMantra 

Apart from all this, Manushi was put under a special 15-day challenge where she had to sleep 8 hours in the night and switch off her cell phone 2 hours before going to bed. Also taking 3 litres of water per day. 

Manushi used to  balanced diet that includes a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits 

Do you know understand why winning Miss World 2017 is not a child’s play. 


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