Don’t we all wish for pimples to vanish and never to come back again or flawless skin like the celebrities we idolize? Well, there is a way by which we can accomplish that. By managing to follow the actresses diet and exercise routine, maybe, we could be on our path to glory? Obviously, we cannot follow every single thing since there are many restrictions and problems that we face, but we could probably try to follow a bit.

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Miss World, 2017, Manushi Chillar from Haryana, has been giving us beauty goals ever since she was crowned the same. Like any other girl, she has also put in a lot of effort but did you know that she has 6 meals a day to maintain that healthy figure and skin? According to her fitness guru,Nmami Agarwal, who spoke to Times of India, her diet was as follows :

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Apart from following this diet, she practices yoga on an everyday basis and goes to the gym as well. She also focuses on getting 7-8 hours of sleep each day because without sleep, we’d be walking around like zombies right? As per her nutritionist, we should avoid skipping meals at all costs and should not try intermittent fasting because that is not healthy for our body or skin.

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Actress, Nargis Fakhri, revealed that she religiously follows her routine of deep cleansing and moisturising, using the brand, Neutrogena mostly. She also stressed on regular exfoliation and loves going for her zumba classes and even likes exercising whenever she does have the time. Her trick to a healthy diet is that she stays away from bread and milk because that is not good for her health, and she consumes a lot of coconut water as well.

Source: Nagis Fakhri

Sonam Kapoor is another actress who never fails to amaze us with her beauty, always dressing up on point for every occasion and one of the few actresses who swears by a glass of warm water, lemon and honey, to drink each morning. She follows a very strict diet which includes porridge, egg whites, brown rice, chicken,fruits and vegetables. But, she does have her occasional cheat diet which consists of chocolates.

Well, let’s begin following them already?




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