Are you one of those couples who are interested in having an international destination wedding surrounded by the sea? Or maybe, on a private island? Where you would only be among st your close ones with the thrill of tying the knot in an international location which has been your dream all along. Tourism boards of many countries have been promoting their culture and their pictures locations for the ultimate place for a wedding to be held. Let’s take a look at some of those countries.

1. Thailand

Several individuals have been choosing this country to get married in because of it’s scenic view,exotic beaches, commendable hospitality. Among st several other things. The same amount that goes in planning a wedding in a city. Like Udaipur could be better utilized in Thailand because of a major plus point, the location. The approximate amount for a three day package for a wedding is around Rs 70 lac (exclusive of the air fare). A round fare trip for one person costs around Rs 30,000, provided if booked well in advance and it takes around 4-5 hours depending on the airline.  Beach weddings are the biggest reason why people prefer Thailand.

Image source: Thailand

2. Sri Lanka

Did you know that this place is also known as the Island of Serendipity? Rich cultural history, amidst flora and fauna, tea gardens, serene beaches are just few reasons why people go for this location to host their wedding. There are beautiful venues which you could choose, few being, Shangri la Colombo, Cinnamon Lakeside, Taj Samudra and others. The round trip airfare ranges from between Rs 20,000-Rs 28,000. Stand up comedian and actor, Vir Das married his girlfriend, Shivani Mathur, in 2014 in Sri Lanka.Cinnamon Lake Side.

Image source: Cinnamon Lake Side Sri Lanka

3. Turkey

How about saying your vows while surrounded with hot air balloons in Cappadocia or in Antalya where you have a variety of exquisite resorts to choose from or how about Istanbul with its Bosphorus cruises? Turkey is one of the top wedding destinations for many Indians. As well because of these reasons amongst the stunning landscape as well. Round trip airfare costs a single person between Rs 45,000-50,000. Famous business man, Ajay Gupta’s son chose to get married in Antalya.

Image source: Turkey

4. Mombasa Kenya

Actor and anchor, Ranvijay Singh married his girlfriend, Priyanka Vohra in Mombasa. With its white sandy beaches, alluring coastlines,a beach wedding is just perfect in sunny Mombasa. A round trip costs a single person around Rs 55,000. There are a couple of good venues to choose from which are Voyager beach resort,  Amani Tiwi beach resort, Bamburi hotel among st several others.

Image source:  Amani Tiwi Resort Mombasa Kenya

5. Seychelles

Being a popular honeymoon destination, Seychelles is now becoming a wedding destination too. The two main locations are Mahe and Praslin. And the islands are divided into two distinct categories- Coral islands and Granite Islands. The most pleasant time to host a wedding there is from between May to November. There are many famous locations within Seychelles where one could choose to get married in which are Mahe island, Cousin island, Silhouette island, Beau Vallon among st several others. A round airfare trip costs a single person nearly around Rs 50,000.  Famous actor Kunal Kapoor married Amitabh Bachchan’s niece in these islands in a lavish ceremony.

Image source: Kempinski Hotel Seychelles



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