Is it right to ban a celebrity from performing at a New Year Eve show. Because she apparently may have triggered a protest group to commit suicide? According to the Karnataka city Police commissioner, Sushil Kumar, and their Government, yes, it is right. They banned actress Sunny Leone from performing at a New Year’s Eve party. Which was going to be held at White Orchid Convention Centre, Bengaluru on December 31st 2017. The event which was going to take place in Karnataka was officially called as, ‘Sunny Night in Bengaluru NYE 2018’. The actress, in the past has already gone through so much regarding her previous profession and she need not justify herself for her actions. But our country, our Government, has questioned her very identity all this while until today, as well.

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As per recent reports, members of the youth wing of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike will commit suicide. If Sunny Leone would perform in Bengaluru on that day. The leader of the Pro-Kannada activists Harish. Told Indian Express that, They are all against the actress wearing short clothes. And if she were to wear a saree and perform, then they would definitely attend the event. He also mentioned that the actress does not have a ‘good’ past and that the members would not hesitate to commit suicide on 31st December. They have protested against this by burning her posters at Manyata Tech Park in Bengaluru.

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Is it actually morally right to ban an actress from performing just because a certain number of people from a city have a problem with her past, Overlooking her current dedication to her job? Sunny Leone has starred in a South Indian movie. But is this what she gets in return for her love for her profession? Where is our country really heading if we cannot protect our own? The protesters believe that Sunny Leone would ruin their city’s youth but if they are that worried about the youth getting spoiled. Can they not control themselves and just not attend the event? The event was supposed to be a family show for the city and the organizer also claimed that they have kept the programmer’s standard based on Bengaluru’s culture.

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Stand up artist, Azeem Banatwalla, journalist, Apurva Vishwanath and actor Tarun Arora expressed their views through their twitter accounts, in support of Sunny Leone.

Other tweets also expressed certain viewpoints.


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