Actress Alia Bhatt, Whose upcoming film. Raazi is supposed to release in May 2018. Her previous three films were all box office hits and one can only imagine how busy must her day-to-day schedule must be. Celebrities have a hectic routine just like the rest of us. From taking care of their diet to exercising, to meetings and shoots. They have a lot to look forward in a single day. Let’s take a look at Alia Bhatt’s routine!

Alia Bhatt Raazi

Image Source: Alia Bhatt in Raazi

Every day, she gets up early in the morning and heads out for her workout to the gym. Alia’s trainer is Yasmin Karachiwala. Her training for upto one hour, she does a variety of workouts to not get bored easily. Firstly, she does her regular running on the treadmill for about fifteen minutes.  She then does three sets each of push ups, dumbbell raises, bicep curls, push downs and triceps. She wasn’t a fitness freak earlier but off late, her trainer has to force her to take a break from the hectic week that she has. For six days of the week. She has a different workout assigned to her where she mixes it up with pilates, yoga. She even does exercising in the pool whenever she does get a chance.

Alia Bhatt Exercising

Image Source: Alia Bhatt Exercising

Alia Bhatt Exercising 2Image Source: Alia Bhatt Exercising

For her breakfast, She has a cup of herbal tea or coffee without any sugar along with a bowl of poha or an egg sandwich. She is not one of those actresses who believes in the concept of eating every two hours and eats three meals a day regularly. Following that, her lunch consists of chapati and vegetable. She does have her evening snacks and she eats whenever she is hungry and later works it all out in the gym. Her dinner consists of just one chapati with vegetables or a bowl of rice along with chicken, Apart from that, she leads a healthy diet by also including all sorts of fresh fruits, oatmeals, salad and vegetables. She otherwise also fancies sweet dishes, chinese, chaat and has a cheat day every now and then.

Alia Bhatt’s Food

Image source: Alia Bhatt’s Food

Alia Bhatt’s Food

Image source: Alia Bhatt’s Food

Shouldn’t we take inspiration from her and avoid skipping our meals just for the sake of losing weight?


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