Isn’t it interesting to know that certain lines on your palm predict a certain something about your life? For e.g., for females, the right hand is what they are born with, and the left is what you’ve accumulated throughout your life. For males, it is the other way around. Ideally, the women would need to observe their left-hand reading and men have to observe their right-hand lines.

Hand Lines

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The most important line is the Heart Line. The Heart Line starts on the outside edge of the hand and runs towards the index finger area. An average Heart Line ends somewhere between the index and middle fingers. This line concerns emotional make-up, the capacity to feel and to love. It also tells us how love is expressed and how we relate to others.

Heart Line

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How to interpret the heart line?

Here are some traditional Western palmistry interpretations for the Heart Line. The key points to remember while interpreting are that lines shift and change and that the quality of a line is one of the mo important indicators of a line’s interpretation.

Public Figure

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 Curved- Indicates emotional depth; the degree of curve indicates the depth.

 Straight- Emotionally level; may not form romantic attachments easily.

 Ends under Middle Finger- Direct approach to relationships; unsentimental.

If Ends under Index Finger- Romantic, vulnerable, idealizes romance and emotional attachments, generous, giving in nature.

Ends under Ring Finger- Extreme emotional distance and caution.

Ends with Forks- Emotional complexity. If many forks: Emotional sensitivities.

Breaks in the Line– Change in emotional attachment; broken heart.

Double line-  Great sensitivity, loyalty, twice the heart.

Branch to Life Line- Intensity for life’s work; sometimes workaholic in nature.

Deep, Wide Portion- If it looks like a “rut,” it might be. Also indicates deep feelings. (source- Huffington Post)

Types of palm lines:

Types of hands palm lines

Image source: Types of palm lines

Both Lines Match Up:

If the lines are located at the same height and align neatly at the center it means you are a very peaceful, calm, nurturing, and loving person. You have your priorities in order and think rationally about things. At the same time, you are very resistant to changes because you dislike disruptions in your normal routine. You will most likely find and marry a partner who your friends and family accept. Their approval means a lot to you and without it you’ll hesitate to settle down.

Right Hand Line Is Higher:

If the line on your right hand is higher than the one on the left it signifies that you are both wise beyond your years and are drawn towards older types of souls. You’re a free spirit who is unconcerned about the judgments others pass on you. Instead, you choose to see not only things, but also people, for who and what they truly are. You follow neither society’s nor others expectations of you and it’s more than likely that you’ll end up choosing an older partner to settle down with.

Left Hand Line Is Higher:

If the line on your left hand is higher than the one on the right it means you are fierce, self-assertive, strong, and face challenges head on. The love that you want is just the kind people crave; passionate and fiery. As such, you are most attracted to very good looking people. The chances are high that you’ll most likely end up with someone who you meet under crazy, yet romantic, circumstances.

So what do your palm lines reveal about you?

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