Okay, so let’s bring in 2018 with a few shots, shall we? Let’s head out for a couple of drinks, beer, let’s party it up. guys! Or, let’s just go for club hopping on a crowded Saturday night and party like never before! But, that would involve drinking again which means falling here and there and getting up next morning, with an incurable hangover. Most of us have been in scenes like these and of course, we have been a part of a Drunk Group, including yourself and if you’re lucky, then excluding yourself! Here are the kinds of people you come across in a group full of drunk people!

Group of people

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1.If you’re happy and you know it, then let everyone else know it too!

Okay so now you’re happily drunk dancing, you’re seeing rainbows and butterflies and you find joy in everything, which includes the weirdest of things possible! They love screaming their lungs out as if they’ve been freed from prison after a million years! They talk about happy things, they point out happiness in everything, it’s all happy for them which is kind of annoying!

Dance club Drunk group

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2.Well, if you’re sad and you know it then you should definitely let everyone else know!

If there is a happy drunk then there’s got to be a sad drunk too! You’re so sad that everything seems to be falling apart and you’re miserable when you’re drunk. You’re babbling words which don’t make sense to anyone but you’re trying to get them to understand every bit! And, sometimes you say stuff which you would never speak when sober and you kind of regret it the next day.


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3.The intellectual one

Seven (neat)  shots down and you go all philosophical on the next person that you run into! You talk about the universe, about why people leave, about the pain and about what not! You talk intellectually to your friends on entirely another level altogether which you’d never do otherwise in general.

The Kid

Image source: The Kid

4.Get out of my way, *PUKES*

This kind would be resting on somebody’s shoulder drooling away, or sleeping on a sofa (no fucks are given to the pub owners), or would be in the bathroom puking! Either their capacity for drinks is too low or they have no control over their drinks, but the puking is a bad affair and an even worse hangover!

Drunk man

Image source: Drunk man

5.The disappearing one!

You’re drinking and dancing with your friends, you turn around and whoosh, one friend goes missing within seconds! You’re frantically searching for her, you find her in one corner of another club but she goes missing again. And, the disappearing act goes on for the rest of the night.

Image 1

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6.The never-seen-before-side one

Your friends and you get to see a whole new side of your friend which includes reckless behavior, hurling abuses at strangers, or in some cases, going up to a stranger and telling him that she loves his lips! Your friend is an absolute shy or an innocent one and the day she/he gets drunk, you’d love that side!

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7.The crazy one

She/he completely loses it, dancing on the tables, in random groups, going around embarrassing you around sober people totally! She/he would be willing to do anything and I mean it, literally anything that you tell her to do as long as it’s crazy of course!


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8.Chug Chug Chug!

She’s already had mugs full of beer, along with whiskey and vodka but she will still not stop chugging! It’s as if the world is running out of alcohol and it’s her duty to finish it completely! And, the best part? She keeps trying to convince everyone else to keep drinking another glass with her too!

Drinking wine

Image source: Drinking wine

9.The emotional one in Drunk Group

This person would not stop saying ‘I LOVE YOU BROO’S’ to his/her group! She keeps telling you how much you mean to her, how thankful she is for the things you’ve done, how she will never stop loving you despite the fights that happen and so on! She gets sentimental and passes the night sobbing and texting people telling how much she loves or misses them! They would be even be calling and texting their ex!

Image 3

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10.The person who pretends to get drunk

Yes, there will be that one person who will not touch even a bit of alcohol but then will always seem drunk none the less! She/he is so high on life itself that she’s included in the group of drunk people! She is just as ‘drunk’ as the rest!

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