Over the recent years, so many new apps have been launched that one’s lost count of the number of apps installed on their mobile! The google play store, app store, and the windows phone have thousands of applications but not all are useful. Here is a list of certain Handy app that have successfully proven themselves to be of use to people over time.

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Here is a List of Handy app,

1. ShareIt

This app is an innovative way to transfer files within seconds, be it large files, or images, music or any kind of document. It also transfers files from your laptop to the mobile and even from one laptop to the other laptop! It’s clearly very convenient instead of using USBs and other methods.


Image Source: ShareIt

2. #Slack 

This Handy app allows communities, teams, work people from offices, to communicate easily by joining through a specific URL. They can have private conversations and this is a great way of keeping in touch with your co-workers.


Image Source: #Slack

3. Wolfram Alpha

It uses its vast collections of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you. It finds detailed information about any subject and for mainly math problems.

Wolfram Alpha

Image Source: Wolfram Alpha

4. Duolingo

This is a free language learning platform. It includes a digital learning proficiency assessment exam as well. It offers different language courses and is an amazing app for learning a foreign language.


Image Source: Duolingo

5.Money view: Your money manager

It is a very useful app that helps you track your finances. You could link it to your SMS box and then link it to your bank account while knowing your account balance all the time. It’s a safe app.

Your money manager

Image Source: Money view: Your money manager

6. UrbanClap

This one app takes care of all your needs at the click of a button. From personal needs like salon services to professional work like passport service,it takes care of all your needs at a nominal charge.


Image Source: UrbanClap

7. Pluss-Medicine delivery

This app promises to deliver medicines within 60 minutes. Users can upload a photo of their prescription, and then the app lets them select and order individual medicines from their prescription.


Image Source: Pluss-Medicine delivery

8. Studystorm

This education app stores over 5,000 video lectures in 21 subjects including ACT, SAT, and AP tests. And not to forget, all the subjects are taught by PhD, Masters degrees holders. The app has a very simple interface, which can be used by students in early classes as well.


Image source: Studystorm

9. Waze

Waze, formerly “Free map”, is a GPS-based geographical navigation application program for smartphones and tablets with GPS support and display screens which provides turn-by-turn information and user-submitted travel times and route detail.


Image Source: Waze

10. Flud

Flud is a simple and beautiful BitTorrent client for Android. You can share files with ease from your phone/tablet and download files directly to your phone/tablet.


Image Source: Flud


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