Bans have been imposed so many products or people also, for that matter, a lot many times and we have rebelled by protesting against it, always. That is the solution. Did you think the only ban on tobacco was weird for you because you eat it? Check this out and you’ll be glad that it’s a ban on tobacco and not on people!

1. Jonas Mikka Luster – Banned from all the KFC’s in his country

Mr. Luster has been a very vocal person, venting his genuine outrage on all things he finds annoying. In his own words, he described KFC as “the disease-ridden whore of fast food after a night of shagging a pile of chicken feces”! Of course, KFC found it offensive enough and rewarded him with a strict ban.


Image Source: KFC

2. Rob Hinchcliffe- Banned from entering 10, Downing Street

Working with one of the top digital media companies, Rob went to take an interview of one of the top officials managing the digital arm of Britain’s Government. On his return, he took some photographs of the ‘secret’ place and shared them on the social media. This act agitated the officials and he has been banned from entering the place, ever since.

Image Source: Rob Hinchcliffe

3. Christopher Telles- Banned from Disneyland Strange Bans

Christopher was 14 years old when he went to Disneyland. His mischiefs earned him a ban issued by the amusement park. The ban was uplifted years later only after he applied for the same when he had to take his kids to this fun place!


Image Source: Disneyland

4. Faraz Nomani- Banned from Amazon & its sister websites.

Faraz has been banned from using the services of, as the company thought he had misused his alternate account. Though he claims to have no alternate account and has made repeated pleas for revoking the ban, the company hasn’t changed its mind yet.

Amazon Strange Bans

Image Source: Amazon

5. Barbie Giri- Banned from Quora

Barbie Giri was banned from using the popular question-answer website Quora. Though there are multiple cases of people being stopped from using Quora, owing to its strict policies to maintain a good quality, her case is unusual. She was banned cause the website wanted her to change her name!

Image Source: Quora

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