Even though we get most of our knowledge from the internet which includes things like us getting to know that we probably have cancer or stuff that helps us get by in our day to day lives, yet there’s this weird side of it as well. Well, the dark web exists too but this stuff is just plain weird.  Here’s a look at it!

1. Eelslap.com

Want to throw someone off the cliff but ca n’t? A fellow colleague is treating you like crap? Want to slap someone really hard?

Get on to Eelslap, my friend. They have this weird eel with which you can virtually slap someone. Why an eel out of all animals? Well. No one knows but has fun!

Image Source: Eelslap.com

2. Pointerpointer.com

Why this website was even created? How weird!

A finger from a random image across the globe always points at wherever your cursor is. If you move the cursor, the image changes to point out the exact position of it. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.


Image Source: Techcrunch

3. Zoomquilt.org

This website was basically created by Nikolaus Baumgarten and a team of illustrators that combines different fantasy paintings into one shot. It focuses and zooms in on the shot and somehow does look cool! You could check it out here, they have mind-boggling graphic designs.


Image Source: ZoomQuilt

4. Staggeringbeauty.com

Those who are prone to having seizures should not visit the website at all, the description on the website says so itself. There must be a reason though, right? You just need to shuffle your mouse to move a worm that pops up on your screen and wait to let the weirdest magic happen!

Staggering beauty.com

Image Source: MySteryshack

5. You.regettingold.com

This website could either make you cry or make you happy.  It uses deep analysis and statistics to show how old you are. It gives you a lot of evidence on how much the world around you has changed since you were born. Good luck getting to know how much you’ve aged!

Tell us about some of the weirdest websites that make no sense at all which you have come across!

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