As soon as college begins, you’re buried into your books, not wanting to miss out on your lectures but what you don’t realize is that apart from maybe missing your lectures, you could also be missing out on a lot many other things! Your first year of college flies in just a flash so this is for the freshmen students who are going to begin college this year! Here’s a list of things that you should totally do in your first year of college!

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 Join a society or a club

The best part about college is that there are so many societies to join! Each one has its own specialty. Audition for your dance or music society, or maybe try a hand at something that you haven’t done before, theatre! You get to make the best of friends if you’re a part of a society!


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Go for a trip with your buds

Do not miss out on a chance of a college trip! Once you get into your second year, college is going to get very busy for you so in your first year, you must take a trip during your mid-semester with your best friends! It’s no doubt that the trip will be a lot of fun!

Zindagi na milegi dobara

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Make books your new best friends

Go to the library often, grab a book and begin reading it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t like reading but there is no harm in trying right? Reading helps you learn so many things and the more you read, the better you’ll know of people, of your surroundings and you never know, you might begin to love it!

Read Book

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Attend a kickass concert

This would probably be a must do on everyone’s bucket list for their college days and it should be there! Concerts are absolute fun and attending it with your close ones is like nothing else! Try the NH7 Weekender, it’s crazy!


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Treat yourself to special dates

Go out, pamper yourself some time! Save up a little money and treat yourself to a special dinner! College gets you a little worked up at times and you do deserve a good return gift sometimes 😉

Special dates

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Discover cheap food joints

While in college, you’re on a limited budget so you cannot be eating lavishly every now and then so you should go around in the city, checking out local food joints, installing apps like Swiggy (ftw) and discovering cheap yet absolutely delicious food!


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Learn something new

This is the time when you have the time to experiment with new things! Pick up a sport and begin playing it or swimming even if you haven’t tried that before! You have apps like urbanclap which help you find a French tutor or someone who help you play the guitar at affordable prices! Learn new things.

New learning

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Go for a night out

There are pg deadlines that you have to worry about but try fixing up yourself for a night at a friend’s place and go for a night out! You could avoid telling your parents 😛 Party it up, you won’t  get this time back, guys!

Night out

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Intern somewhere

Search for a winter/summer internship during your holidays or you could find an internship alongside your college itself. There are many opportunities that one should try in their college and interning is one of them. Make your CV grow! It helps you learn a lot and you get a lot of exposure at a young age.

Intern Somewhere

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Bunk Classes

No matter how much you’d want to achieve that 65% or 75% attendance, you can afford to miss out on a few lectures and go for a day out with your friends, or if you’re sleep deprived, then just sleep maybe xD.

Bunk Class

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You will not get your first year of college back so enjoy, live it to your fullest because you would not even realize how time passes by in a blink of an eye!


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