Love is a four letter word that fills you up with a lot of joy, different emotions and a lot more. As they say, you do not get to choose love, it chooses you. The same goes with quotes in a way, there are certain quotes that appeal to you, and they hit you right in the gut where it’s supposed to. You read quotes related to love and some of them make you want to experience the feeling of falling in love whereas for some who are already in love, for them it would be wanting to fall in love over and over again.



This list would be incomplete if quotes by Rumi are not there. His quotes are baffling and they draw so many people from different corners of the world.


Image Source: Rumi


Lang leav’s quotes are perhaps the most relatable to, out of all. She writes inexplicably well!

Nick Frederslson Love


He goes by the pen name of Pablo Neruda. He wrote a variety of styles and even won a Nobel Prize in 1971.

Pablo Neruda

Image Source:  Pablo Neruda


He is Lang Leav’s husband and it’s no wonder that the couple writes so beautifully!

Machael Faudet

Image Source: Micael Faudet


If you’re a person who is into poetry then you need to follow R.M Drake’s Instagram account right away!

Rm Drake

Image Source: R.M. Drake


Another qote by him to get the right feels!

Rumi 2

Image Source: Rumi


His quotes are beautifully expressed and you’d want to keep reading all of his quotes over and over again!

Image source: Beau Taplin


Rupi Kaur is a contemporary Canadian feminist poet and writer whose collective works are in the book ‘Milk and Honey’.

Image Source: Rupi Kaur

Melodee Korff

This poet is mostly an Instagram sensation and she has written some amazing poetry which is all very relatable.

Image source: Melodee Kroff

Charles Bukowski

He was a German-American poet who has written on a lot of themes like relationships, women, alcohol and ordinary lives. One should read his work!

Image Source: Charles Bukowski

Since you’ve read this list now, it’s time for all the poetry lovers to start reading the above-mentioned poet’s work and also follow them on their Instagram account to get more updates!

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