10 Music Festivals In India That You’ve Got To Attend Once In Your Life


Once you enter into College, everyone has this one wish and that is to attend one music festival or a concert! Attending a music festival is like nothing else, the euphoria, the energy and the crazy scenes are a must watch and one should attend a music festival in her lifetime. You’ll be surprised to know that India holds so many festivals and most of us don’t know about them! For every music lover these ten music festivals should be checked off your bucket list this year!

Image source : http://www.theholidayindia.com

1. Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Image source : Bacardi NH7 Weekender

I’m sure everyone has heard of this festival! This one is on the top of every college goer’s list probably! It’s held in Pune,Delhi, Kolkata,, Shillong and Bangalore. It’s held between the months of October and December. This festival is known for searching local artists and bringing them up on the stage along with famous artists as well.

2. Hornbill Festival

Image source : Hornbill Festival

This festival is held in Nagaland, in the first week of December and is also called as the ‘Festival of festivals’. It showcases a plethora of cultural displays along with the Hornbill National Rock Concert in the evening. Artists from all over the country compete in that concert and it is full of fun!

3. Magnetic Fields Festival, Rajasthan

Image source : Magnetic Fields Festival, Rajasthan

This festival is eagerly awaited by music lovers across the country and is a three day festival held in mid december.  There are stargazing session, yoga sessions, kite flying sessions among many other activities that are held. Famous DJ’s from across the world and India come for this festival!

4. Sunburn, Goa

Image source : Sunburn, Goa

This is Asia’s largest festival and it is held in Vagator, Goa. It is a four day crazy event and has many other things included apart from the music.  Artists like Kygo, Martin Garrix, Guetta among many others have performed here and this should be attended by everyone once in their life definitely!

5. Go madras electronic festival

Image source : Go madras electronic festival

This happens in the month of September in Chennai. It is a two day festival and has some crazy electronic dance music!

6. Bangalore Open Air

Image source : Bangalore Open Air

This is for all the metalheads and is the only festival in India that is totally dedicated to heavy metal. It is held in July and has had artists like Vader, Nader and many more perform.

7. The Great Indian Oktoberfest

Image source : The Great Indian Oktoberfest

This is held in Bangalore every year in September and offers Bavarian cuisine and different kinds of beer! But, it is just not known for this, it’s also known for the artists lined up for it’s crazy music concert that happens as well!

8. Red Bull Tour Bus(Off the Roof)

Image source : Red Bull Tour Bus(Off the Roof)

This part stage, part bus has been spreading some great music since 2012! It travels across metro cities and conducts its concerts! They perform at college fests regularly including popular ones like Delhi University!

9. The New Wave Musicfest

Image source : The New Wave Musicfest

This newly introduced festival is a platform to discover new Indie/Punk music and artists from across Asia. It was held for the first time in Goa, followed by Bangalore the next year.

10. Enchanted Valley Carnival

Image source : Enchanted Valley Carnival

The EVC is held in the beautiful Aamby Valley near Lonavla. It features more than 60 artists over the span of 3 days. People even have to option to camp in the area which is considered as India’s largest campsite for the duration of the festival! Artists like Tiesto, Far East Movement, Fatboy Slim among others have performed here.




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