Want to have a job like Ranbir Kapoor’s character in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani?  Or,Is there anything more interesting than travelling the world,visiting beautiful places frequently and getting paid for it at the same time where your entire trip is getting sponsored by someone? Isn’t this what enthralls people these days? Travel journalism is becoming extremely popular among people these days and is fast becoming a profession which they want to pursue. There is a difference between travel journalism and travel blogging. Both aim to give the readers information about the place they’d once want to visit in their lifetime but the approach they take is different which is,their content,layout and language is different. Travel journalism is basically a teleportation device to other worlds. There are famous travel writers like Daniel Noll and Nate Robert whose work fascinates us and inspires us to get into the field of travel journalism. Movies like ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, ‘Almost Famous’, ‘Eat Pray love’ are intriguing the youth about travel journalism.

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People in India are breaking traditional stereotypes by opting for creative fields like this where our patriarchal society has said things like how it isn’t a stable field and there is no fixed career. Say it aloud that you actually want to consider taking it up as a profession and you’ll receive discouraging advice from your elders and not to forget the condescending looks (in few cases). Despite what everyone says,if one really wants to pursue this,he should because after all,if you’re enjoying doing something you love then why shouldn’t one do it?  A travel writer gets to know people as they reveal themselves bit by bit and he reveals them. One doesn’t get to know people by simply asking them a question and getting a direct answer in return,travel writing emphasises the art of good conversation,the experience of how it comes about in the first place,and of course,the love for travelling and experiencing new things. The reason why people are opting for this career now a days is because of many reasons which many wouldn’t understand. There are pros and cons for every field but it depends on perspective. While being associated with travel journalism,one gets to explore the world at the expense of the publishing company that they work for,one does not have a 9-5 job because you write based on your travelling schedule and the sheer experiences that you live through. 

If one is really interested in this field then they’d understand what I mean when I write about the joy of meeting new people and other travel writers to pick up on certain helpful tips.

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Choosing a road less walked upon makes you do many new things which you’d love. Travel journalism helps you understand the world better,it makes you learn about a country’s culture,history,traditions and customs,makes you try local food passed down from generation to generation and this is what helps you pass down all the knowledge to your readers. People are getting fascinated to work in this field because of the aforementioned perks and also because by choosing an off beaten track,one gets to do adventurous things like skydiving in Spain to bungee jumping in New Zealand. Tourist destinations are explored and a person who got into this field for the love of writing would love sitting and just gazing at a beauty that was created by nature or mankind for he has to write about it later on.  This is becoming a popular field in our country too and the ones who are in this field already know how lucky they are and for the ones who aren’t in this field,I guess it’s time you try a new thing?


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