There are some movies that appeal to us in a way that nothing else can. These movies give us knowledge and an understanding about many things, about the way people are, or about encouraging and self motivating yourself in times of fear. They teach us things that a teacher in a classroom cannot. We love watching these films and we could watch it end number of times because we can never get enough of it. These films give us life lessons in a way that surely would benefit us in some way or the other in the future. Take a trip on nostalgia!


    This had to be on top of the list! I’m sure a majority of kids would love seeing this movie in the list. Harry Potter needs no introduction as to what’s it’s story line revolves around. Some of us have grown up with the Harry Potter series.  For many children, Harry Potter isn’t just a series of books or films but it is everything. So it comes as no surprise that there were several life lessons that the majority of children learnt along the way. From learning little things like friends will get you out of trouble but best friends will get in trouble with you, or the sheer difference between confidence and bravery. From learning how to deal with loss to standing up for those who cannot stand for themselves, the Harry Potter series is a thoughtful and poignant one.

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    This film teaches many lessons to children which even adults can learn. The most important thing we learn from this movie is that faith is really important.  Kids also learn the value of self worth,courage and loyalty through Lucy and Edmund,the lead characters in the film. It also taught them to appreciate the things they already have because  one does not need someone’s else’s beauty, weapon (pertaining to this film), or personal skills to boost their own self worth. Each one has something special in them that is of value,every one does.

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    The Percy Jackson films is a contemporary lesson about greek  mythology that manages to teach children valuable life lessons in it’s own surprising ways.  This movie has the ability to turn kids into tolerant, open minded, curious human beings. It tells us that each one of us has a hero inbuilt within ourselves and it only takes a second to unleash it when needed.  It teaches us to be loyal to our friends and family. Percy Jackson, the lead character teaches us to carry ourselves with confidence and to never give up no matter how dark the road ahead is.

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    This film is not just about how to teach your pet dragon some magical tricks but it teaches us to always trust our gut and follow our intuition because it proves to be more helpful than following other steps. Self acceptance is the key, rather than trying to be someone you’re not, accept who you are.  It teaches us to always practice compassion even to the people we do not really like and to work with nature rather than against it.

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    This  movie firstly teaches children this basic lesson to listen to our parents because they are worried about us and they just want us to be safe.  It tells us the importance of teamwork, from Marlin, Dory, Nemo,the dentist crew, there is a lot of co operation that this film teaches us. This film tell us that friendship can come from the most unexpected places. It teaches children to be kind to animals, empathise with others and that our differences don’t ever define us.

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  6. KUNG FU
    It teaches kids to not judge a situation or conclude it when you aren’t in the right mood. We often sometimes only look for an answer only where  we expect to find it so it tells us that the answer sometimes lies in the least expected places. This movie also teaches us to always believe ourselves no matter how low we are, to never give up on something we want.

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    Tangled is more than just a cute disney movie,it teaches children lessons like to go after their dreams and to step out of their comfort zones.  This move has unwavering optimism at every level and that’s how one should be. It tells children that it is okay to take risks and there is nothing as such the impossible. This film conveys the message that no matter how much children grow up and their lives change but that doesn’t mean that they should stop pursuing their dreams.

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    The Lion King is a heart warming story about love, faith as well as about greediness and betrayal. The ‘Circle of life’ teaches kids that we are all born and then we all die and then creatures are born and then they die too and that is somehow a beautiful thing. The swahili phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’ which means no worries for the rest of the days. It teaches children this philosophy that happiness is a choice and they can choose to forget about their worries and feel good instead.

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  9. WALL-E
    This movie teaches us to have blind faith, determination and to never lose hope. It is a movie about returning humanity to earth,on the surface. It inculcates in children the courage to face the problem and find a solution. Then will be a time when kids have to be on their own so this movie teaches them to prepare them on their own from now. It teaches children to value relationships far above all materialistic achievements.

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  10. BIG HERO 6
    Big Hero 6 is a story about Hiro and his brother’s robot Baymax. It teaches children through the character of Hiro’s brother that one has to face failure as they are eventually the pillars of success. The movie also teaches us one to always think outside the box and never let creativity run dry.  It is what’s inside that counts the most. You will probably face some kind of tragedy in your life. Your friends will be there to get you through.

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