Mumbai Farmer Protest: Nearly 50K farmers had gathered in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan asking for Loan Waivers and higher crop prices. But despite its sheer crowd, there was no violence In every sense, it is fit to be an ideal protest and worth taking inspiration from. Here are top reasons why every protest in India should be like that how farmers did:

5 Heart Melting Reasons

  • The farmers had reached Mumbai after marching almost 200 KMs for nearly a week from Nasik to protest. They had reached outside state assembly in South Bombay.

  • Despite its sheer size of the crowd, there was not a single case of violence or lynching of public property. We know what recently happened with Dalit Protests in January that broke during the centenary celebration of the Anglo Maratha War. Schools were locked, offices shut down and Mumbai suffered a loss of close to 2 Billion Dollars because of this shutdown.


  • Mumbai is witnessing board exams right now. The Violence erupting from farmer protest could lead to disruption of exams. This could cause havoc in the life of a student who would fail to appear at the center for no fault of his. But none of it happened. The farmers were aware and sensitive to the needs of the students and did not cause a single inconvenience to the students.


  • The farmer protest witnessed some of the farmers walked barefooted which is rare in a political rally. It was not a rally where people gathered in AC Vans and Vehicles and just sat for few hours at the stage and vanished later. This was a true Jan Andolan in every sense.

  • Since the farmers were so sensitive and truthful in their demand, the government aptly listened to them. The farmer protest was successful because the government empathized with their demands. The government quickly gave in to their demands as it was not for a political cause but the question of their livelihood.

It is because of this, Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis told the Assembly: “Around 90 to 95 per cent of the participants are poor tribals. They are fighting for forest land rights. They are landless and can’t do farming. The government is sensitive and positive towards their demands.”

We are proud of our farmers. They who rose to the occasion and managed to convince the government about their situation. All this done and dusted within just 24 hours without a single incident of violence .

YDPD salutes these farmers.


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