We’ve all had that boss who displays the attitude of ‘I am always right’, finds mistakes everytime but appreciates very little, pokes nose in our internal affair etc. He has a knack of scavenging work at the last minute when we are about to leave office. One characteristic that all the bosses display is of never leaving office on time. They will roam around the office, do all time killing activity, but just won’t hop into car and leave for home.

On interaction, I found these are the top reasons. They are out rightly hilarious at the same time True:

  • Parents and Spouse always fight

Confessed one boss, in his early 40s. If I reach home at 8, my mother starts complaining about my wife or vice versa and I am like, “Mein karu toh bhi kya karu”. So I join them and start complaining about my boss. Thinking that it might help, it only worsens. Then both of them get together and make me feel bad that I haven’t done anything worthwhile in my career and life. It is worse than seeing and listening to their complaints about each other. That is why I loiter around office. Solving Office fights is much better, atleast my words hold weight.

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  • Biwi Badi Kaamchor hai, Mujhse Gharkaam karvati hai

A senior management consultant in a big consulting firm, who is a boss of freshers,  admits that he has got a very lazy partner. She hates any chores to the core and in case if I reach early, asks me to run errands or sometimes even do the dishes. When I told her that I am not comfortable with cooking, she told me, ‘Office mein kaam nahin kartein, Ghar mein kaam nahin karna hai, toh karoge Kya’ To this extent I am frustrated that I just go home to sleep.

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  • My Kids start demanding expensive things


Confessed a 35-year old mid level executive who is a boss and handles a team of 20. “As soon as I reach home, my kids hop into me, snatch my cell phone and when I ask it back, they start ransom”. The ransoms start getting costlier day by day with one demanding an iphone and other demanding a PS-4. That is why I have started reaching home around 10 when they usually fall asleep. This way I save myself from not fulfilling their demands.

Source: Gif Clip and Metro

  • Since there is no romance left at home, I have found one at Office

With things getting pretty open in India now, office romances have become pretty common. And we are not only talking about young unmarried couples. Married folks run an extramarital affair in office as well. Because they have got a very annoying partner at home, they find comfort in romancing a colleague or a junior in their team member. This is the reason they stick to the office even after 6.

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  • I am Single, who have I to look at home so Office is my family and home

Arrey! So what? Just because you don’t have a family doesn’t mean others don’t have one. We have our girlfriends/boyfriends to maintain, parents to keep happy and friends to hang out. And if you don’t have friends, go get one.

Source: Metro

So next time, your boss, stays later than 6, just loitering like a dog, pull him up and share this article!

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