When I reached my home last night, instead of inserting the key in the hole, I just put my ID card against the hole expecting it get swiped. When it didn’t for 30 seconds, only then I realized my gaffe. My ultimate faux-peas moment came when I asked my dad to send me something by “EOD” and he couldn’t get it. Here are top 10 slangs or “Jargons” used frequently by our bosses and what they actually mean in Hindi:

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  • “Sumit, You have to own this block end to end”

It is a sophisticated way to say that: Sumit, be it morning 6 or midnight 12, you will have to stay in the office and complete it. And Yes, please don’t expect me to be there to help. After all, it is about OWNERSHIP. Bloody Hell!

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  • “Why don’t u leverage Animesh for this task.”

All he wants to say is just assign this task to Animesh and let him figure out. Leverage is a euphemistic term for using/exploiting your resource.

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  • “You must learn multitasking”

It means forget your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just continue doing your work and you will be called a skilled multitasker. Meh!!

  • “Sanjay, we need an out of the box solution”

Wow! What your boss probably wants to say is, damn with the solution. Just package it in such a way that it looks like we have done something extraordinary and come up with something new. I don’t give a heck about any other thing.

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  • “We must target the Low Hanging Fruit and then worry about the difficult tasks”

It only goes to say that let us complete the easy tasks first so that your boss can show to his boss that yes, we have achieved something. Now, I am too tired or lazy to achieve the rest of the tasks.


  • “This is 20000 feet view. I cannot see anything”

It is an honest confession that I am not as wise as you think. Honestly speaking, I don’t understand even a word of it. Please use the layman terms to make me understand. Duh!

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  • “Rushin, MENTOR your juniors as I did to you”

It means to say that you chill, ask your juniors to work their ass off. I did the same with you!

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Comment here any other slangs that have been missed out on their actual meanings!



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