18th April 2008, the date which I guess every Indian are pretty well aware of. The evolutionary notion of Indian Premier League scratched the surface of Indian cricket holding the hands of its debut match in between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore. That match was not about introducing IPL but it was all about welcoming the forthcoming evolution of Indian cricket.

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With time, the cash-rich venture of our nation known as Indian Premier League (IPL) has evolved at its best. There was a time when it was just a startup venture in search of its feet on a global platter and today is the day when this venture has earned a lucrative name for itself globally.

This successful expansion of Indian premier league has not been a cake walk, it took 10 straight years to construct its rock-solid base in the global sector. IPL 2018 is indeed a mega event to take place especially with the advent of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals in the league. And also to add spice to the interest of fans there was the reshuffling of teams, which has already created a buzz in the nation. And now that it is halfway there this year IPL 2018 is seemingly promising to bring some new features in itself. As compared to the previous years of IPL, this year has brought forth a leaps and bounds changes to the public at large.

Mid-way player transfer:

Let’s take a look how the transfer of players of such kind works in league football:

It starts with the buying club who must approach the selling club with details of the player they want to buy, along with the amount they deem fit. Secondly, once those terms have been agreed, the association representing the selling club must confirm the player’s identity. And post to this confirmation taking place FIFA will allow the process to continue. Then the association representing the buying club requests an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) from the selling club’s association. Next, the delivery of the same ITC or rejecting the request falls into the hands of selling clubs. If delivered, the buying association must then enter the player’s registration date. Following such the player becomes eligible to play for his new club. Then his new club completes payment to the selling club and uploads receipts to the International Transfer Matching System (ITMS) and the transfer is complete.

How is it beneficial for IPL 2018:

A boost in viewership:

We have already witnessed how this tournament encountered a little slump in viewership for the week four, five and six previous years. A player transfer window during this phase of the tournament can bring back the excitement amongst the viewers. viewership generally drops a little during the mid-season time.

Getting rid of injury blows

We have seen a lot how several teams have encountered a downfall in their team management due to be unable to find the right combination of players. Last year IPL could be reckoned as a testimony to this with 13 key players in the injured list before the start of the tournament. Some of them had been uncapped throughout the season.


Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Delhi Daredevils (DD) have already seen the outcome of such injuries. Both RCB and DD due to the advent of injuries in the dugout ended the 2017 season at the eighth and sixth position respectively in the points table. A transfer window in the middle of the tournament could unlock a great option for the team to recover from such injury setbacks and make the IPL stage very even.

A golden chance for benched players

It has always been a problem with IPL teams that there have been a bunch players who used to be acknowledged as benched players only throughout the season. Many overseas and talented Indian players got their entry in the team for a large amount of money but they ended up sitting on the sidelines for best part of the tournament.


Transfer window in the mid-way season would make the franchise save a lot of money. A cherry on the cake, they also get to earn the transfer fee which is a significant amount of money. Here is an analysis of how the teams tend to waste money on benched players:


The advent of new leaders

Thie year due to the reshuffling of team we have got some new leaders not just shape their fortunes but those of their teams too. 

Ravichandran Ashwin has never led in a T20 game and his leading of Kings XI Punjab, a team with a greatly different culture and vibe than the ones he’s been accustomed to, will make for an interesting case study. Ashwin is not just an outsider, but will also be faced with the challenges of turning the fortunes around of a team that has not only won no titles but also has been at its poorest form in recent times.

Similarly, a Kane Williamson is the stark opposite of David Warner, someone Sunrisers Hyderabad’s recent success was attributed to. Honestly, there was a slim possibility for the New Zealander to make it to the first eleven but the situation right now is such that he will have to lift himself to the pedestal of leading the side, and by example.

Dinesh Karthik, too, isn’t much different from the aforementioned captains. Karthik will walk into a team that has for long belonged to Gautam Gambhir, who didn’t just break away from the Sourav Ganguly hangover but delivered two championships to the franchise. And now, Karthik will be expected to meet these lofty expectations and mix into a culture that the Knight Riders talk quiet highly about. Karthik, though, has experience of leading in the IPL, having skippered Delhi Daredevils in six matches across the 2010 and 2014 seasons. He has also led Tamil Nadu in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, winning 11 out of 12 games, while in the Tamil Nadu Premier League, he has seven wins and one loss as a captain.

Welcome DRS!

During the previous season, a substantial number of umpiring decisions were erroneous, to the extent that a few of the match officials would have done well to hide from the ever-so-in-your-face cameras. And while the debate – if IPL should adopt DRS – was at its all-time high, it has finally been ratified by the board. Much of the faith has come through following a meeting at Visakhapatnam last year, between the board’s top ten umpires and ICC umpires’ coach Denis Burns. It is also believed that the board has warmed up to the technology after HawkEye created UltraEdge and increased the frame rates per second. So while there are much support and fanfare for the teams and its players, there’s finally someone watching the umpires’ backs.

Introducing under 19 champions

However, never had money been splurged as it was earlier this year, following India’s 2018 World Cup win. While the Man of the Final, Manjot Kalra, along with skipper Prithvi Shaw went to Delhi Daredevils, Kolkata Knight Riders took their futuristic aims to a different pedestal altogether by buying Man of the tournament, Shubman Gill, and the two pace-bowling sensations in Kamlesh Nagarkotti and Shivam Mavi. The collective purse spent on these five most popular names from this year’s campaign was INR 9.2 crore. The money is big, so is the faith invested in them. Stakes are high too in an intense atmosphere like that of the IPL and the five youngsters will know that this could be their real big ticket to the big boys’ league. They became overnight stars earlier this year, but can they sustain the stardom?

An innovative picture

IPL got a new shelter this season after Star India Pvt. Ltd. successfully wiped away Sony Pictures Network to bag both TV and digital rights from 2018-2022 for a whopping global bid. Sony has already set the bar very high throughout the years hence to match this sort of benchmark Star seems to be in the half of its way only. Having said that star has already given a sneak-peek into their aggressive style of packaging by airing shows where franchises came out to announce their captains. For a tournament that has always generated high TRPs, Star will look to milk this opportunity but the challenges are aplenty for every endeavor runs the risk of being compared to their predecessors. So while a whole new IPL-watching experience is upon us, Star’s plans will go a long way in not just taking the legacy forward but also create one of their own.


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