From its very beginning of IPL 2018, we all have vibed the dominance of batting explosion all over the ground. But with a very blazing advent, Trent Boult has introduced the magic of fielding last night while Delhi Daredevils were up against Royal Challengers Bangalore. It was a great match where Delhi batted first put a decent total of 174 on the scoreboard.

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Reciprocal to that, Bangalore seemed strong enough in their respective endeavor with Kohli and AB de Villiers sailing their ships to their desired dock but then only the special moment came which awestruck each and every soul sitting in the Bangalore stadium.

Trent Boult at its best;

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Daily Express

It was merely a flick from Kohli to a full toss off Harshal Patel into the deep square leg. It was seemingly to be a perfect six but the presence of Trent Bould in the boundary line get this impossible task possible as he perfectly timed his jump to raise his right-hand to take the amazing catch and land on his stomach inches from the rope.

Post this magnificent catch it could be the turning point for DD to get back to the game but ABD did destroy all their hopes by sticking on to the crease till the execution of his last victorious boundary. There had hardly been anyone who did not come out with surprise to praise Boult for this magnificent effort. it has perhaps become the best catch of Indian Premier League in his 11 years of time span.

Even the opponent captain Kohli was full of praise for that of his catch that simply came with eye-popping incident for everyone. In his words he was simply stunned by the effort Boult put forth to get his hand on the ball. Adding that he mentioned that this catch will forever be remembered as that was the brilliant catch. He credited the IPL for this sort of deeds.

“[The catch} I was stunned when he took it, that’s a brilliant catch, it happens in the IPL especially. Good to see. That’s a catch when you look back, you don’t feel bad about getting out,” Kohli said after the match.


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