5 Eyeliners that Even A Car Crash Cannot Smudge

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Have you recently heard of Shelby Pagan? She is an American ER nurse who was in a car crash in June 2017. Apparently, she posted a picture of herself (a selfie, to be more precise) on Instagram and a review of her eyeliner. This review has resurfaced somehow and gone viral.

After looking at this picture, the first question that came to my mind was definitely this – “What car crash proof eyeliner is that!?”. It’s unbelievable how her cat eye was ON FLEEK even after getting hit by a car that was moving at 90 km/h. Just to be clear, what you can see under her eye (in the picture) is the smudged mascara, the eyeliner was clearly intact.

Pagan had apparently used the Kat von D Tattoo Liner that night. Clearly, the product certainly lived up to its name!

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The Kat von D liquid liner is available in India for around INR 3,000 on Flipkart and Amazon. I wouldn’t call this the most affordable product in the country. We do have a collection of eye liners that are not too heavy on your pocket and do a good enough job.

As a “make-up rookie”, the following criteria make or break an eyeliner for me:

  • I tend to rub my eyes, so it shouldn’t smudge when I do that.
  • I live in a humid city AND have oily skin. It shouldn’t fade away even after 12 hours of application.
  • Like any other human being, when I blink, the eyeliner shouldn’t stick on my eyelid.
  • When I listen to Lana del Rey songs, it shouldn’t flow with my tears. *sob sob*
  • It shouldn’t irritate my eye when I apply it on the waterline (like kajal).

Not asking for much, am I?

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So here are 5 eyeliners that we all know about, and that I have personally used. Let’s see if these match my criteria, making them ultimate car crash proof liners!

5 Eyeliners that Even A Car Crash Cannot Smudge
Disclaimer: The above views are based solely on my personal experience.

It is quite obvious that my personal favorites are the Jordana USA Easyliner (this one is not very well-known and I would consider it to be a niche brand atm) and the Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Eyeliner (duh, anything Gigi is awesome). I declare these eyeliners CAR CRASH PROOF!

P.S. In Pagan’s defence, the selfie that she posted on Instagram was initially taken for police evidence and records, and she merely posted the review on Kat von D’s website in retrospect. #nobodyjudgesher
P.P.S. She is doing perfectly fine now.



Cover Image Credit: Cosmopolitan



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