In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Shah Rukh Khan’s character Raaaahul says,

Hum ek baar jeete hain, ek baar marte hain,
shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai,
aur pyaar, pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai.

Keeping aside the fact that Rahul doesn’t stand by his own words and ends up getting married twice in the film (LOL), shaadi usually toh ek hi baar hoti hai.

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It is, therefore, obvious that you would want everything to be PERFECT. Making sure that all the functions and ceremonies go smoothly could be an excruciatingly tedious task. So, here’s a fun checklist to help you remember all the important things that will need your attention in planning a wedding.

1.  Mehmaan

Getting the guest list right is everything. As your circle/network becomes bigger thanks to social media, you realize who your real friends and well-wishers are. Make sure you invite all the important people from different phases of your life (family DUH, school/childhood buddies, college and postgrad friends, colleagues from work, etc.) – who’ve been there for you. Leave out the digital acquaintances.

Also remember that shaadi is a grand union of TWO families, and everyone you call, will be (for lack of a better word) judged by aunties belonging to the other side. I HAVE SEEN IT HAPPEN.

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2.  Music

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing on the list, IMO. Basic hygiene when it comes to music at weddings:

  • Start with the latest Bollywood hits and save the classic shaadi jams for later, when everybody is druuunk. E.g., Mauja Mauja from Jab We Met, Sapne Mein Milti Hai from Satya, Ainvayi Ainvayi from Band Baaja Baarat, etc.
  • The most basic advice anybody could give – Punjabi songs HAVE TO be played.
  • Dance floor in each function is a must. The bride and groom almost always have over-enthu friends and uncles who want to dance literally all the time.
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3.  Mandap

So, “mandap” here is a representation of the entire décor. If you hire a wedding planner, they will take care of the theme and ensure that everything is in order. But make sure that you put in a personal touch to how the venue looks. It should MEAN something to the bride and groom, that’s where the beauty of it lies.

4.  Menu

“What’s the one thing that makes or breaks a whole wedding for me? Like, I don’t care about the couple and the décor and the ceremony. I am here for the FOOD and it better be GOOOOD.”

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We all know people who think exactly along these lines. You have got to impress THESE humans because if they like the food they ate at your function, they will be raving about it till the day they die, no exaggeration there. Well, how do you do that?

  • Get the starters right. Appetizers are always more important than the main course.
  • If there is alcohol, nothing like it. If not, you could make things interesting by getting mocktails served. They beat basic fizzy drinks any day.
  • Variety is key; include one or two seemingly exotic cuisines (such as Thai, Mexican or Lebanese) over and above the Indian and oriental cuisines for brownie points.
  • Chaat and fresh fruit counters are an instant hit with guests lately.

5.  Mausam

The weather can always be a biiish and cause last-minute complications. Always keep a backup plan ready, you know, in case you have outdoor functions and it starts raining, unless your guests are chill.

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Or in case a meteor strikes Earth, something like that. Be prepared.

6.  Masti

Never forget, everyone at the wedding is there to have FUN. Except for the couple, and their parents maybe – they are all tied up in the ceremony. Weddings are basically a 3-day escape from reality where all you have to do is eat, dance and look pretty. So yeah, make sure that your shaadi is exactly THAT escape for those who are attending it.

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P.S. “Masti” does not have anything to do with Grand Masti’s masti. Ew.

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7.  Money

Last but most def not the least, you will definitely want the wedding to be PERFECT. But, in an attempt to organize the most memorable functions ever, do not get carried away and exceed your pocket. Be rational about the spends and try to use the resources at hand in an efficient manner. At the end of the day, what really matters more than the money is the good vibes and happy memories.

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Did we miss out on any M-words? Do let us know!!    🙂

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