In the middle of this year Indian Premier League season, the only franchise which stood out among the bests is Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). They have continuously wowed the spectators whether be it SRH supporter or the other but the game playing of SRH has simply been eye-popping. The way they have defended the small total it simply magnificent. You might say it is because of their intact bowling department which every time got them through the victory line but I would say this is the new skipper of the side Williamson.

Williamson & his unique presence: 

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Williamson has been catering the responsibility given to him at the absence of the star of SRH David Warner. But must say in his presence the side simply deems to be on the right track at the right time. The table toppers have become the only team in the IPL who has shown such level of consistency in winning matches that too with a close line. Sometimes you might name it a fluke but when it happens every time you have to accept the fact that there is something magic lies in the internal core of this team which has been leading the side towards the top.

This internal core is none other than their skipper Williamson who not only exhibited his valuable contribution in batting in all tricky situation but also he proved the be considered one of the calmest headed skippers in this season. Under his skipper hood, he has set a benchmark for all the other franchises to look up to the way someone should deal with the pressurized situation. Especially when your success seems to be resting at bay you need to focus on your ability to consolidate the efforts you put to overcome the barriers, that is how you get closure to your success. Williamson led side SRH is exactly doing the same.

The duo Rashid & Shakib:

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Also to compliment the mental faculties of the skipper SRH have Rashid Khan and Shakib Al Hasan, the destructive duo of this season who can succumb any sort of batting line up. This has been happening since the beginning of this season. SRH and their bowling prowess always come to the fore so easily that the adversaries seem armless in front of them.

We all have witnessed the quality of start SRH and its skipper Williamson produced in this IPL but the job is only half done as they haven’t ensured their side to be champion yet. Yes they might comfortably place themselves in the playoffs but they have to keep it in mind that consistency is the only arsenal they have in their dugout. SO in the game of high intense they cant afford to lose the momentum as their batting prowess doesnt seem that strong this year as compare to others. So I would say they are more dependant on their bowling attcks which they cant afford to lose at any cost. Well only the time can tell what awaits in the future.


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