The bowlers have always been the factor who win you matches in the shortest format of the game, especially in IPL. A team having the most powerful hitters in world cricket is not sufficient these days because in order to consolidate the batting line-up team needs to have a strong bowling line up.

For an example, we can consider RCB. They are always concerned about building a batting heavy unit with not many proven match-winning bowlers and hence have failed to lift the trophy even once.

Especially in T20 cricket, bowlers who can restrain the run flow in the death overs by bowling yorkers and contain the batsmen are worth their weight in gold. Let’s have a listicle of all those death over specialists who kept the action of this year interesting.

#5 Basil Thampi

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Hindustan Times

He has been a remarkable find in terms of putting pressure to the batsmen in death overs. He is already famous for his toe-crushing yorkers to some of the most powerful hitters of the ball like Chris Gayle amongst others. He seems to be donning the colors of the Sunrisers Hyderabad in this year’s IPL and will form a lethal combination with the likes of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Sandeep Sharma, and Siddharth Kaul.

#4 Dwayne Bravo

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IPL 2018

Dwayne Bravo, this name denotes the undisputable master of the slower ball that literally deceives any batsmen in the death overs. Now that he is back with the Chennai Super Kings, there is a lot to unearth.

CSK can only hope to have him for the full season as he is extremely injury prone. On his day he simply lets the batsmen face a hard time picking the back-of-the-hand slower ball. Also, he has already unearthed a new weapon to his arsenal, the ball that dips at the last minute. That is a real force to reckon with this year.

#3 Bhuvneshwar Kumar

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DNA India

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is an unmatched entity. He has emerged as a real match winner for the Sunrisers Hyderabad. He adopted his yorkers potential in a larger scale and batsmen seemed to have struggled to get him away in the latter half of the innings.

He also launched a new look on his pace as well and is now deceptively fast. This sort of impact of him in the IPL over the years got him retained by SRH even before the auction.

#2 Mustafizur Rahman

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It is simply impossible to forget that toe-crushing yorker that had Andre Russell on the floor? Mustafizur has already emerged as a bowler with exceptional talent. He has already unearthed the variety of slower balls, the back-of-the-hand off cutter and the super quick yorker in his armory, to name a few.

Mumbai Indians did acquire his services at the auction but it remains to be seen how many games he is actually yet to get. On his day, Mustafizur can compel any batsmen facing him to watch out for their toes.

#1 Jasprit Bumrah

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Deccan Chronicle

Jasprit Bumrah has already unleashed a key member of the Indian side in all three formats of the game. His unique action makes it really hard for the batsmen to read his deliveries. He got N-number of variations in his arsenal and causes an authentic bottleneck for the batsmen in the latter half of the innings.

He grabbed the limelight with his performances for the Mumbai Indians and built a potent bowling combination with Mustafizur Rahman. Needless to say, Bumrah has been at his lethal best in this edition of the IPL.



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