The so-called craze of Indian Premier League is now all set to be launched from the different time frame. Rajeev Shukla, the chairman of the Indian Premier League, has recently confirmed the conjecture by stating that the playoffs will begin at 7 pm instead of 8 pm.

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The Indian Express

The back story:

“There is simply no doubt that today’s IPL got its successful wings in the market because of its uncountable fans. Over the years the tournament has been followed avidly both on the ground and on television at homes. So, mulling over the interest of the fans in regards to this tournament, it has recently been decided that the playoff games and the final will start an hour earlier. So, the 8 pm start now has scaled down to 7 pm start. It has always unleashed difficulties not only for those at the stadium but also for those watching on television. Becuase as students and office-goers are always in need of getting back to their respective stuff next morning and it helps if the game starts an hour earlier,” he explained.

It is simply witnessed by all that all the matches since the beginning of the tournament have been starting at 8 pm. Over the years, the playoffs had also been same as it is also held at the same time. But very few have noticed that there were a lot of logistical problems which the fans were facing. Hence that 7 pm start would make the matches end by around 10:30 pm, instead of the usual 11:30 pm.

The details:

The much sought after playoffs seemingly tend to be taken place at the MCA stadium in Pune. But just because the Chennai’s home matches had been shifted to Pune, the Governing Council has eyed on switching the venue for the playoffs to the historic Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The final is set to take place at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on May 27.

It seems to make the way of a convenient way of enjoying the matches. India has always shown its craze for IPL so if it starts from 7 pm onwards the fans would comfortably get back home. And also that would help them avoid the various logistical problems cropped up due to the ending time of the matches. If the time changing trick ticks well, we might be able to see the matches beginning at 7 pm from next year onwards.


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