Liquid Lipstick Rookie to Pro in 5 Simple Steps

cover - Liquid Lipstick Rookie to Pro in 5 Simple Steps

When I first started using makeup, it took me a month to learn how to get my lips right, and then another month to get used to the way lipstick looked on my face. I started out with regular lipstick because liquid lipsticks weren’t really the “in” thing at the time. Liquid lipsticks really took off IMO once brands like Kylie, Huda Beauty and Jeffree Star Cosmetics became hot property online, thanks to a massive number of YouTube tutorials.

When I first started using liquid lipsticks, it took me a YEAR to figure out how to apply and ROCK them.

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In this article, I intend to make life easier for you, if you are struggling like I did. For a year. Not kidding. 365 days. I counted.

1.  Getting the Perfect Outline

Liquid lipsticks are mostly like tattoos and are meant to make your lips pop out. When something on your face pops out and is literally the center of attention, you might want to make sure it is in a flattering shape.

Once you get the outline right, filling it up is literally a cake walk. A lot of liquid lipsticks come with lip liners in the same shade.

But given that the best brands are expensive and the fact that some ladies find lip liners useless as a category by itself, you can always use a thin lip brush to create an outline with the liquid first. It’ll take some practice to ace the shape but once you get the hang of it, the results are good.

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2.  Avoiding a Bumpy Finish

Skin on the lips has a tendency to get dry and start peeling off. Applying liquid lipstick on top of chapped lips will obviously give an uneven finish; better than a regular lipstick, but still imperfect.

For smooth application and a flawless look, make sure you exfoliate your lips before starting your makeup. The best way to do it is applying petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on your lips, leaving it on for 15-20 minutes, and then using your finger (or an old toothbrush) to rub the (now soft) dead skin off in a circular motion.

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3.  Ensuring Even-Coloring

Just like nail paint, you have got to make sure that the final look created by a liquid lipstick is even-toned. Co-existence of lighter and darker shades will just make your lips look outright weird.

There are two easy steps to achieving an even finish. If you use foundation, dab some off your beauty blender onto your lips.  Alternatively, you can use your lip liner to also fill in the outline you have created. This will essentially create a good base for the lipstick you are going to apply. Now, apply the first coat of lipstick and give it about half a minute to settle and dry. Go ahead and put coat #2 to seal the deal. This will make sure that even if your lower lip is naturally a shade lighter than your upper lip, the inconsistency is absolutely invisible!

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4.  Retaining the Moisture

The worst part about most liquid lipsticks is that they suck out the moisture from your lips and STICK to them for a long-lasting effect.

Contrary to popular belief, lip gloss does not soften your lips, it just makes your lips look smooth and glossy. Whatever is external to the liquid lipstick STAYS external, and there is no way it’ll provide moisture to your lips.

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To keep your lips hydrated for a little longer, if not the entire duration of application, smear some petroleum jelly BEFORE putting on the liquid lipstick. That way, your lips will absorb the extra moisture from the jelly, and it’ll stay locked INSIDE the lipstick.

5.  Dealing with Post-Removal Dryness

Liquid lipsticks obviously don’t come off by themselves, no matter what you do with your lips. When you use a make-up remover, even one that is meant specifically for eyes/lips, there is a high chance that your lips seem dull, dry and lackluster.

Petroleum jelly is a good remedy (yes, PJ is everythingggg; it should be your lifeline too). Apply it and leave it on your lips overnight.

What’s even better? Coconut oil! When you wake up next morning, you will have baby soft lips for sure.


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Oh, c’mon!

No, that wasn’t.

Now that you know these ultra-basic hacks, it is time to practice, practice and practice. Oh, and don’t forget that petroleum jelly solves EVERY problem.


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