The Indian Premier League & his auction has always been a double-faced trap to be a part of. One might get tangled himself by picturing himself in a particular worth of certain value which he feels he deserves, but the franchises have their different strategies in mind. There are also instances where the players knowingly or unknowingly undervalue themselves.

Either way, getting picked up in the auction demands luck and it shines brighter on some people. So, if you’re sold for a hefty amount, expectations took a higher notch immediately for that particular player. the major concern lies that he needs to be termed ‘value for money’ at the end of the IPL season. And this is where, one of the best all-rounders in the world, this year miserably failed.

The bone of contention here is England’s Ben Stokes and he would be squeezing himself with what he produced in this year’s IPL stint. All total he played 13 matches for Rajasthan Royals this season. But, every time he played he literally disappointed the bucks which are backing him in this season throughout.


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Last year, Stokes had been at his prime, was bought for Rs 14.50 crore by the Rising Pune Supergiant and then returned with 316 runs and 12 wickets from 12 matches he played in the last IPL stint. This year, he might have got Rs 2 crore less — Rs 12.5 crore — by Rajasthan Royals, but still, due to being the costliest of them all, the expectation has been high from him. But the result is evident to all so far.

The 26-year-old could only appear with 196 runs and eight wickets from 13 matches this season. Hence it stood out that Stokes now have cost the Royals Rs 6.37 lakh per run while each of his wickets cost them Rs 1.56 crore. However, RR has already managed to make the playoffs as the fourth-placed team after beating Royal Challengers Bangalore on the penultimate day and that too without the services of Ben Stokes. Let’s see what awaits for RR in the playoffs when they will take on KKR in their home turf. Will RR be looking to unleash their service without the Ben power again? Well! that only the time will tell.


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