If we reckon the progress of both the teams for the upcoming test match between India and Afghanistan the first thing we would concern about how the Afghanistan side are perceiving this battle. Knowing the fact that it would be their maien test match following the declaration of their side to be worthy for test cricket matches. However, in that very context, we got to know that they afghan boys are pretty much confident and determined to throw a tough time for the world test champions. let’s have a look what they actually perceive.

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A look back to the interview Q&A:

Q. What are the struggles that you all have had to face to reach this level and how is cricket perceived back home?

Cricket in Afghanistan is growing every day. Domestic cricket is becoming more competitive. In terms of our personal struggle, every player in the squad will have a story to tell. As similar to India’s MS Dhoni, whose story is known worldwide, we have eleven Dhoni-like stories in our team who have gone through a lot in life already. A film can be made on each one of them. There would be no international cricketer from Afghanistan who hasn’t faced immense struggles in his career. Our seniors had also steered past so many steeper challenges to get into the team. That was the foundation for which we as the present face of Afghanistan got this platform and such facilities for us today.

Q. How impactful importance does the Bangladesh T20 series carry for your team?

This series is very important for us because the T20 World Cup is very close and our team ranking will be crucial going forward. And that would be their first encounter with a top team after Zimbabwe. Bangladesh is a strong Asian team, it is very important for us to play against them. We have prepared extensively for these matches and I’m sure we’ll play well.

Q. Any personal goals you’ve set for yourself?

Having the option of Rashid and Mujeeb in the team, me getting a chance into the first XI won’t be easy at all. However, whenever I do get a chance, I hope to perform to the best of my ability.

Q. Nabi, Rashid, and Mujeeb are nowadays pretty much well known in the world, so who do you think is the dark horse of your team?

“Of course, we have certain players who haven’t really had international exposure up until now. Yet, they have it in them to make a name for themselves on a global stage. we got a bunch of seven to eight people in our team who are ever ready for every league. Shahzad and Najeeb Zadran, too, are very important for our chances in any game. Of course, our spinners are world class, but our batsmen are also getting there.”

Q. When do you think international cricket will return to Afghanistan? 

It will take time. As it is now pretty much evident that we’ve been playing our cricket in foreign countries over the last two years. In recent times we feel glad to be bestowed with this opportunity in India. Meanwhile, developmental work is going on back home and the construction of cricket grounds is taking place in Afghanistan. Things will improve over time.

Q. How is your team’s preparation for facing India in the Test match and do you think Afghanistan can pose a challenge to the best Test team in the world?

India is a world class team. The preparations of us for the Test are on its impeccable swing these days. It is extremely difficult to beat India in India. However, we got some unique unorthodox spinners in our side who would definitely pose a good battle against the Indian batting line-up. Anything can happen in cricket, things can turn around in a couple of sessions. If our spinners tick out their potential well in place, and if we get a couple of partnerships on the board, we are sure to make a match out of it. I’m sure India won’t take us lightly as well.


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