Rashid Khan the new sensation of the world of cricket now I guess rolling his career graph in the most premium way possible. The magnificent IPL stint this year made him a superhero. But with the advent of Afghanistan’s Test debut against India, the talks around Rashid Khan has always been a hot topic nowadays. Recently Rashid Khan has expressed his immense desire to get back to his home country as it has nearly been a year he hasnt been to his home.

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“Last year when I went home from IPL, the programme they had arranged for me was amazing. That was the best thing and I really love that moment when I entered my home and they started celebrating. All I need is just some rest at home.”

Rashid has earned his place in the list of stars for whom shuttling across the cricketing world is a norm. Rashid is very different from the mainstream star like luxurious lifestyle around his own family. “I am not engaged yet. I am still single so far,” he gushes. Then he composes himself and gives an idea about the clarity of his thought. “My family is a supportive one. I talk to them daily through social media. At least, they are watching me and enjoying my game. This is just my initial stage. I need to focus on my cricket right now.”

“There are also times when I engage myself in playing football on Playstation if the other guys have it. I go to the gym a lot and swim. When I start feeling bored I start watching movies on my Ipad and I love watching old Indian movies,” Rashid expressed when he was asked about what he does during his free time at home.

Rashid loves his time away from the blinding spotlight on him as he spells out his way of tackling stress. “When I am very stressed, I call my two-year-old niece. I just love talking to her. She is very naughty and makes all kinds of faces.”

He will need all of his attributes to come together as he enters the last, perhaps the most important, a stretch of an unusually long time away from home playing cricket. The upcoming Test debut against India in 10 days would describe his character.


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