Rashid Khan neither even 20 and he has already platformed himself with a special category among all the bowlers in the world of cricket. He always makes sure the batsman against whom he is bowling somehow find his delivery unfathomable to react on. That’s his so-called USP. “I call myself a finger-spinner.” Rashid gets you confused as you start the conversation addressing him as one of the best wrist-spinners going around.

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“That sounds unusual but that’s how I bowl,” he tries to calm you as you still try to recover from the vicious wrong one up front. He wears a smirk on his face and explains: “I don’t use my wrist a lot in my bowling. Instead, I prefer using my fingers in order to make it quicker by using the tip of my fingers. I am a legspinner who bowls good wrong ones.”

The revelation could help the batsmen clear their mind while facing him. But he is fully aware of his prowess and this is where from he collects his overwhelming confidence which will eventually make things tougher for the batsmen. 

Going by his date of birth, he was a two-year-old when cricket was first conceived as a sport in Afghanistan. “Nobody taught me bowling leg-spin and wrong ones,” he makes it very clear that there was very little room for textbook coaching. “Neither did he watch and follow anyone in particular. I did peruse Shahid Afridi and Anil Kumble a lot. ant really recall in that way but it was around five-six years ago. I still watch Kumble when I am free.”

Now he is in the top of the ICC T20 rankings and along with the same he has become the fastest to clinch 50 T20I wickets. It dies for most sportspersons but it’s a bit different if you are one from Afghanistan. He is yet to see his family since the IPL last year. He knows he is the toast of the cricketing town and his home in Afghanistan is a celebrity corner. But Rashid is yet to experience the craze and adulation in person.



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