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Dentist by Profession, Nishant is an avid movie buff. He never misses a single movie and is your one stop destination to know if a movie is worth watching. At times, his movie reviews are more awaited than the movie itself. Grab your popcorn now!


Web series: Tripling season 2
Streaming on: TVF app
Synopsis: there are very few series that uncover the bond between siblings . Tripling series does it with sense of realism. There is no psuedo love depiction to arouse melodrama. The series gives us the  idiosyncratic behaviour among siblings . Tripling can be binged because of 5 episode with around 30 min run-time . It is like a movie and there is no sense of messaging hovering at the end. Its just a fun feel ,light headed watch. With lots of guest appearances in each episode its a boredom crusher.  7.5/10


Movie : Green Book
Synopsis: Often Oscar winner movies are boring or there is too much sadness in it. Green book is on the greener side . The movie set in 1962 is based on the racist social structure in America towards the black. Here Dr don Shirley of African-american origin is a famous pianists who sets on a music tour with a white Italian driver . Through the course it not only changes the prejudices of the white driver but also allowes the black artist to embrace it’s culture and people. Every realization and message is conveyed with subtlety and levity. It’s is a feel good film and should be watched alone. It will put a smile on ur mind. 3.5/5


Movie: triple frontier
Streaming on: Netflix
Synopsis: triple frontier is an action drama movie starring A-listers like ben Affleck and Oscar Issac  The movie is released on Netflix because it demands a niche audience. It is not the regular high-octane action movie. Here the drama unfolds realistically and there is maturity in writing . It doesn’t pump ur adrenaline considering the genre and the star cast. Its an honest depiction to what happens when good men get greedy and how they redeem themselves in the end. It is bit indulging in the cinematography that provide a length to it’s runtime which could have been edited. There are v.less action films that encourages  a thought and message,  Triple frontier is at it’s forefront. 3/5


Streaming on: Netflix
Synopsis: Annihilation is an intriguing new perspective to the long told human-alien battle story. Here the alien are not actively involved in destroying humans. They are mutating and replicating their DNA . Just as life grows through division of cells here the alien occupied area known as shimmer is slowly and constantly growing to engulf earth. Oscar winner Natalie Portman is the central character as a biologist invading the shimmer to stop it. It is a highly intellectual movie like a biology book with an ambiguous ending for the viewers.  It is  deliberately made on slow pace for us to absorb the story telling . This sci-fi movie caters to the neurons in you. I recommend some coffee/tea shots before watching it .  3.5/5


Web series: made in heaven
Streaming on: Amazon prime video
Synopsis: created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema kagti made is heaven is a story about so many things that it’s a spoiler to list everything. All 9 episodes showcases some different insight about people . It talks about the patriarchy of the elite society hiding behind glass doors. The story is set in Delhi where Karan and Tara form a wedding planner firm made in heaven. Karan is a gay hiding from the society but living his life to fullest. Tara is wife of a business tycoon Adil who comes from small family. Weddings are easy to plan but difficult to form and nurture. Ambitions of people make them do unjust things . The facade of the rich is easy to crack open. We just have to be with them and you will find out what lies beneath. People co relate money with happiness but it can only buy comfort. The series has high production value and is beautiful to watch. Marriages might be made in heaven but are ruined on earth . 8.5/10


Streaming on: Netflix
Synopsis: the umbrella academy is a whole new way of portraying superheroes. It is about 7  children born at the same day ,adopted by a highly intelligent but shrud man named Reginal Hargreaves. These children poses different set of skills except one who is confined to play violin and nothing more. The stepfather form  the umbrella academy to protect the world. The series’s forte lies in the unconventional story telling and the unpredictability. It’s is fabulously produced ,the background music is entertaining and gives a distinct viewing experience. The internal conflict of a left out child and the turmoil of bad parenting resulting into grave consequences forms the crux of the storyline. Give a try and Join the viewing academy of the umbrella academy . 8/10


Gully Boy: Our energizer bunny Ranveer taps into tortoise mode and snails his expression to triumph. His Versatility with finesse is evident here. Alia as the fiesty cracker girlfriend believes in fighting for things she wants in life. The underdog story is predictable but the journey is entertaining and original.director Zoya ACKTOR is an actor’s delight and she infuses their character with depth and hefth emotionally. Every supportive cast, be it ranveers father ,mother and friends fall true to their World. The rap battles are so good that they don’t seem to be written prior but preformed spontaneously during the shoot, but my favourite part is the relationship arc and the conversation between RALIA. The debutant Siddhant Chaturvedi performs like a born rapper and is a treat to watch. Ranveer Aya to Aya mujhe yaad Gully mein aaj Chand Nikla. 4/5

Velvet Buzzsaw

Streaming on: Netflix
Synopsis: velvet buzzsaw dives into the art culture and its economics. Jake Gyllenhaal is refreshing as a bisexual art critic whose reviews can add or subtract the zero’s in the art value. It’s a horror comedy movie that doesn’t get both right. It seems the director spent too much thought on the aesthetics and not on the plot and script. It is a baffling view and there is no connect with the characters . We don’t care who dies and who lives in the end. Art is not mere beauty it’s an emotion and has a subjective value. Velvet buzzsaw is a buzzkill. 1.5/5

Alita : Battle Angel

Alita : produced by James Cameron the maestro of technological invention for visually evolutionary movies here comes Alita a movie based on a cyborg 300 years old that has extraordinary fighting skills and a kind heart. Alita gives us artistic action sequences that can be remembered after leaving the theatre. The background score is underwhelming and the movie is a tad bit lengthy with unnecessary dramatic sequences that could have been edited. It lacks the surprise element in the script and goes the predictable route for making a second part but does that makes us want to see the first part ??? In my opinion Alita could’ve been a little sharper .3/5


Documentary: Fyre
Streaming on: Netflix
Fyre: the greatest party that never happened is a an eye opener that no one Is con-free. Someone somewhere out-there is going to sell you a dream that might not get Fullfilled but the idea is so fascinating that you getting lured to it is easier than magnets to metal. Billy McFarland The entrepreneur who conned the investors and promoters to set a luxury music festival involving models, yachts and Bahamas. Tickets ranging from 500 dollars to 12,000 dollars were sold for the event that was a fraud. The technicians and the local workers weren’t paid that led to ruining to lives on the Bahamian beach. Fyre festival debacle is a joke on the gullibility of even the smartest event watch out to have the last laugh 7/10


Movie: okja
Streaming on: Netflix
Synopsis: a company determined to navigate the non-veg food industry to propogate it’s hybrid animal developed in laboratory and raised in wild and natural habitat. Okja is a large size hybrid pig that can replace the common animal being eaten by people. Mija is a young girl who raised okja in wild and is the caretaker. The care and love between okja and Mija is palpable. Okja is legally a property of the company and is taken after 10 yrs of being raised to be served as a meal. The movie showcases the fight by a young girl to save it’s friend okja. The movie does take time for a run-up but it flies at the end. Watch okja for a heart warming experience. 3.5/5


Streaming on : Netflix
Synopsis : what happens when u hate somebody and then u are assigned to protect them. Bodyguard revolves around a police sergeant david Budd performed by Richard madden have to duty by protecting the home secretary. Bodyguard has a crisp and real action sequences that makes it a distinct watch  . The story makes us engaged in the narrative and the background score is undermined for a thriller experience. Richard madden just won the golden globe for best actor for this series and he deserves his piece. It’s just 6 episode and doesn’t bore a bit. 7.5/10

Bird box

Streaming on : Netflix
Review: Its a movie where the unanswered question are to be enjoyed. Bird box revolves around a horrific incident that traumatized the psyche of human beings involving them into mass suicide. A world where being blind is a bliss Sandra Bullock as Malorie is a hard practical women who has no interest in human connection has to now take care of 2 kids .it’s her journey from losing hope to regaining it.  An apocalyptic story where the demons are left to imagination of the viewer. It’s a movie which will make you think about it for a longer time than it’s runtime.3.5/5

KGF chapter 1

KGF chapter 1: Kolar gold fields a movie based on gold mining and the Mafia and politics surrounding it. Kannada actor Yash as rocky is a reincarnation of Amitabh Bachchan from Deewar. For An actor whose work I haven’t seen I was cheering and clapping . Every scene of his has style and attitude flowing like a waterfall. The technical aspects are far better than I have seen in any recent Bollywood film. The cinematography has a distinct feel and screenplay is engaging throughout. Background score evokes the necessary emotion for a perfectly made classic mass movie. It is basically a superhero movie tapped in a human hero film. It does get brutally violent in some action sequences but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This winter no need for a warm wear when you go for KGF kyuki garmi to ander lagne wali hai. You won’t regret watching this chapter, Mein toh dobara padhne wala hoon .4/5

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: No it’s not a sequel to any of the previous versions and it’s an animation film. A black kid with an estranged father and lovable uncle happens to become spiderboy in a world with an existing Spiderman. There are total 6 Spiderman/spiderwomen/spider pig from different parallel universe coming together to defeat a villain. It is an interesting concept with a relatable story line and magnificent animation . The background score and songs are well immersed in action and storytelling. A enjoyable experience for even those who are oblivious from any verse of Spiderman. 3.5/5

Stand up comedy special by Vir Das : losing it

Streaming on: Netflix
Review: nowadays comedy special are not just mere laugh out loud punches being thrown . Artist tend to cook a story out of it and blend their prime ingredient of humour to serve a satisfying meal. Vir does a easy job of roasting our country , religion and socio-political scenario in front of an Indian audience in San Francisco where the stand up has been shot. Vir Das’s comedy is witty ,stuffed with scarcasm and he does not shy off from roasting himself. There were shots of feminism fired from his mouth that peirced into hearts and made our masculinity bleed. If you guys are the intolerant easy to offend ones ,lose the idea of watching losing it. 7/10


Aquaman: the first thing I thought while leaving the theatre was what tremendous application of vivid imagination must have gone designing the movie graphics on paper. It is incredible beautifully made movie. A movie only to watched on the big screen. A masterpiece in terms of VFX and stunning action imagination. Almost 80 percent of the film is graphics and boy no one will complain this time. Jason mamoa owns his part as the barely brain ,muscle more guy. Every scene of his is whistleworthy. The background score is never overpowering the visuals. Yes It lacks a great story but u will forget about it 10 minutes in to it’s runtime. It’s a fun ride with no stops . 4/5


Web series: maniac
Streaming on: Netflix
Maniac: A disclaimer I would like to share is the TV series staring Jonah hill and Emma stone is a difficult to understand watch. It’s a puzzle that viewers have to solve . It’s a pretty boring watch if u are just laid back and not into the mood to figuring out the things the writer trying to tell . It is about a schizophrenic guy who is considered a black sheep in a famous family. It devels in to the physicic of a man who is dejected in his own family and trying to prove himself a worth. Jonah hill is fantastic to say the least. Emma stone is in depression due to demise of her sister and she is not able to cope with the fact that she can’t be with her sister anymore. Both Jonah hill and Emma stone are on medication and want their minds to heal and they end up in a drug trail that tries to cure depression with 3 pills. We can’t judge the depth and details of what’s inside an ocean just by seeing the water from its surface. We have to dive into the minds to know what is going on. It’s a tale about connection and need to feel wanted by others. It’s almost ends on a note about how friendship is more important,  not necessarily ending into a love relationship. Do not binge watch the 10 episode series as it requires to be processed to enjoy it. 7.5/10


Streaming on : Netflix
Review: the jungle books which released in 2016 had a warm , funny, tale for the kids kind a feel . The Mowgli by Netflix is a movie from the Anurag Kashyap universe. It is more grounded , gory and surely not for the kids. The darker violent approach to the story gives it a unique makeover .  Rohan chand as Mowgli has to do a lot more than just run . He is effective and praise worthy in both emotional and furious act. Christian bale as bagheera has not much to chew on but he does bite hard on his part. Cate Blanchett as Kaa has the perfect voice as the seductress snake. Freida Pinto doesn’t get much more than few smiling scenes and is a total waste. The VFX could have been  better and the story less predictable at the end. Change ur perceptions before watching and mowgli won’t be a googly. 3/5


2.0 : people on Instagram demonstrate food dishes which are visually appealing but not necessarily can be relished by its taste. Similar 2.0 is visually stunning and finest indian VFX work till date but lacks the emotion . A robot has a body not a heart. The story of mobile phones being an enemy to the birds and eventually to humans doesn’t seem convincing. Rajnikanth does the same old similar things and Akshay Kumar looks the part of nemesis effectively, but it’s director Shankar’s film and he just wants the audience to have a great time. He tries very hard and the money spent shows on the screen . However the screenplay and dailogues are not given importance . Only Rajni is given . His fans are gonna go gaga but for me it’s blah blah. One cool thing about 2.0 is 3.0 but I’m a mean and so it gets a 2.5.

Narcos Mexico

Streaming on: Netflix
Synopsis: A story that is good enough but not powerful than it’s predecessor Narcos season 1 and 2. The emergence of marijuana trafficking cartels from Mexico gained strength by participation of the local cops and politicians. Felix is the brain who runs it smoothly . Rafa is the genius behind the seedless weed production that made the cartel the most successful one. Kiki camarena is a American of Mexican origin as the cop that is trying to bust the cartel business. That things that make a crime drama worth remembering is their characters . Here the characters are superficial and lack the depth they require for us to either like them or hate them. Neither we root for the death of the drug lords nor do we wish the survival of the good cops. The long scene takes are uncessary and makes us fidget our phones mid episode. The only character  worth remembering is ‘don neto’.  With high hopes came sheer disappointment. Just like judwaa 2 where in  Salman’s guest appearance was the highest point. Here is when Pablo appears. Skip this season or revist the first two if ur a Narcos fan. 4/10

Kaksha Gyarvi 

Streaming on: Amazon prime
Synopsis: Zakir Khan is the go to guy for realtable comedy . He weaves a beautiful underdog story of a boy in school with so much conviction that we start imagining ourselves in it. He is the guy who makes middle class way cooler than the so called modern rich . A story that not only makes you laugh but nostalgic and happy. It’s a comedy for the soul . 8/10


Streaming on: Amazon prime
Synopsis: set in the town of Mirzapur it’s a tale of two brothers in search of success and money land up being in the nexus of  gangster kaleen bhaiya played by the dependable Pankaj Tripathi. Ali Fazal is the beefed up elder brother with hot head attitude that has burnt his brain . Vikrant massey is the low on courage ,high on IQ younger brother . Divyendu Sharma(Munna bhaiya) is the son of kaleen bhaiya who is reckless and high on his father’s power. All actors are phenomenal especially divyendu Sharma who is given a script that demands him to go over the top but he makes it sensible and quite interesting. It is a crime drama series that requires violence but here it’s just too gory for a viewer like me. Violence overpowers the drama required for an engaging experience. The technical aspects like cinematography and screenplay are good . 8/10

Who should watch it : hardcore violence and cuss words fans are sure for some treat


Smoke Web Series Review By Nishant Shah - YDPD Media
Streaming on: Eros now and Jio cinema
Synopsis: A story about Goa’s drug cartel with a fine star cast that includes Gulshan devaiah, Jim sarbh, Kalki Koechlin, Tom alter, Neil bhoopalam, Mandira Bedi, amit sial. Jim sarbh and Gulshan devaiah are the best among the lot, Kalki hasn’t given too much to do, Amit sial as the hot headed gangster son is convincing , Tom alter does over acts as the Russian drug cartel boss . Goa is run by 2 cartels Russian and Sri Lankan in which Russian are dominating the maximum area . The govt is in constant attempt to fuse out the cartels but are always behind. There is a lot happening over here which can be a potential spolier so I will leave for you to view. It’s a engaging story line with most good acts and few over the top acts. Fans of scared games and Narcos may find it a good watch if not upto the latter and former’s level. Give it a try it won’t bore you. 7.5/10

Badhaai Ho!

Badhaai Ho

The subject on which the movie is based is a no man’s dream about his/her parents . It’s a film that requires the  sensitivity of the audience and sensibility of a director. Ayushman Khurana is the aam aadmi actor of Bollywood. He brings the relatibility of the man next door with ease. The character actors are the real eyecatchers. Especially the amma (Surekha Sikri) is an actor who steals the show even when she is sleeptalking. TVF’s favourite dad Gajraj Rao is always a treat to watch and Neena gupta’s body language speaks more than her dialogues. The movie races to it’s runtime with minor bumps after interval. Your weekend is sorted ,badhaai ho!!! 3.5/5


A good deed has a foolish end ‘ should be the tag line for this film . Only after seeing the film u will understand why I said so. It’s hard to write about this film cause anything about it is a potential spoiler . So I will keep it minimal. Ayushman is a piano player , Radhika apt-hai is his love interest. A kid is a businessman, a police officer is a badman, a 70’s hero is a good man, tabu is his wife, and a rabbit is a bit hero. Spectacular story and plot with brilliant direction by Shriram ranghavan who pours levity in action sequences. a mystery film with twists and turns more than one can imagine, kyuki aankhein dekh Sakti hai par dimag andha hai. Do not miss this film at any cost. 4.5/5


Sui-DhagaSui Dhaga

Sui dhaga: Starting with a Disney movie like a background score the makers established it is going to be a feel good film. Varun Dhawan as mauji is a making in likeability. There is nothing wrong in him. He even loves his father who doesn’t leave a chance to criticize him. Anushka as Mamta is a misfit here with her perfect teeth and rich expressions. Only her clothes are true to her character. The most hilarious lines are the takes that includes mauji’s mother who is constantly worrying about the daily chores even at a hospital. This Ernest first half is grabbed by the cliches to pander the masses in the second half which drives through predictability and a dishonest ending. 3/5


It’s the movie for millennials and demand the audience to relate with the plot to like the film. It’s a love triangle with all the edges damaged. There is a flaw in every action and behavior of the cast which makes them human and original. Music is perfectly blended and gives a distinct flavor to the story.  The runtime is tad bit stretched and could have been better edited. Tapsee Pannu is a fire and exceptionally pleasing to watch. Vicky Kaushal seems to have a fun year and this was his easiest act of the year. Abhishek does make us feel this time he is the son of Amitabh Bachchan. It’s an earthy human love story, not a wonderland fantasy of what should love be. 3/5

To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

It’s a cross race romantic comedy about a girl going through infatuations but isn’t able to address the guy personally so she writes letters about it keeping it to herself. Someone gives out her letters to all the boys ( it’s not hard to guess who sent it) and what follows next is the story. It’s high school drama which ain’t silly and stupid . Smart lines and good casting gives a fresh and unique feel to the movie. it has a fimiliar ending like all high school rom-coms which doesn’t make a mark .it’s not a high on social message movie so relax and chillflix the movie. 3/5

Sharp objects

Directed by Jean Marc Valle who also directed oscar nominated movie Dallas buyers club. It is 8 episode limited series which is stretched and could have been cut short upto 5-6 episodes. Story is about a town where 2 girls are brutally murdered . A reporter Camille preaker (amy Adams)former resident of the town comes to investigate . The series is less dialogue driven and more of visual to understand the plot. There is little bit confusing story telling of past and present of Camille preaker that goes side by the investigation. The notion that only men can brutally murder is tested here. The slow pace is compensated with a riveting and fresh ending in the last 2 episode . It’s a mystery series so more than that will be a spoiler 7.5/10
Who should watch: if u like confusing story telling where u need to think and absorb on ur own . A non-conventional entertainment which demands patience but a satisfactory pay-off.


all sports films are crafted from same template and carry a designated ending of the underdog winning. Gold undergoes the same treatment. It is the journey that should be thrilling and GOLD manages a silver in doing so. The production design of creating 1948 is fabulous and so is the background score. Sunny Kaushal as himmat Singh is the finest of the supporting cast. Vineet Kumar and Amit sadh are quite true to their character. It is Akshay Kumar who is a Misfit in this team. Rather living as a  Bengali he is trying to be one. His accent and behaviour as a Bengali falters. He emotes more of his  punjabiness ( he even sings a Punjabi track) which doesn’t make him a convincing character. Director does a reasonable job but editor should have trimmed 15-20 minutes . Keep ur hopes minimal and u won’t complain.  3/5

Mission Impossible Fallout

At the age of 56, Tom cruise challenges himself with the 6th installment of the franchise. It’s a mission taken by Tom cruise to entertain the Audience and he delivers even if it costs him a broken ankle during filming a stunt. The only superstar to perform the most difficult stunts with finesse. Henry Cavill brings the toughness with his fists and its a treat to watch the chemistry between him and Tom. The cinematography is literally top speed as the camera races with Ethan hunt to take the long action sequences. There are ample of twist and turns with not much of a scope in the script. Get ready to bedazzled with the stylish action . 4/5



Dhadak Nishant Movie Review
Dhadak Nishant Movie Review

Remake of the super loved Marathi sairat which I haven’t watched yet, for Dhadak I don’t carry the baggage of prejudice against it. But it still doesn’t hold for me. The actors seemed to be trying to make the audience fall in love with them rather trying on each other. Ishan khattar is honest and does bring the boyish charm. Jhanvi Kapoor is good in emotional parts and below average in subtle behavior. For newcomers, we can’t complain much but the director has no vision and want to encash from sairat’s fandom. Every aspect of direction is forced and repetitive with an instance of using a bald midget for all the cheap laughs which ain’t funny. No supportive cast is given depth in character to ensure all focus is on the newcomers. Mausam accha hai aajkal isliye dhadak dekhne ke bajaye sadak par ghumloh . 2/5

Westworld season 2 streaming on : Hotstar

About the show: one of the most daring and ambitious project on TV . With excellent production design and background score each episode of Westworld is worthy of a theatre screen viewing. A show that’s get better with multiple viewing because it’s difficult to understand and interpret the plot . Its a show about humans trying to play god ,But what if the product is not meant to be controlled by the creater. Great cinematography and artistic violence add up to the viewing appeal. The show does try to confuse us with its timeline rather than making is simple . Just bathe ur mind fresh before watching because you won’t enjoy it if ur tired .don’t forget to watch the first season before hopping to second. 8.5/10
Who should watch : those into artificial intelligence and futuristic fantasy.
Who should not watch : those who like entertainment to be served simple and easily palatable.

Nanette : Streaming on Netflix

Synopsis: It’s a comedy show but here comedy is mere a medium used to serve realisation of “fault in our minds” that we have engraved since time began. Comedy isn’t just for cheap laughs, it can be used to convey thoughts that shape our behaviour and make us more accepting towards those who are different. General People hate different people because they don’t understand them ,they fear them. Performed and written by Hannah gadsby an Australian comedian who shares her self deprecating story is an assamble of humour and heart . I can praise this stand up for pages but I would rather let u have ur own arsenal of adjectives to hail this finest piece . Just go and watch it guys. 9.5/10
Who should not watch this: If ur new to stand up comedy don’t go for it right now. Accustom urself with some stand up that are just humourous ,have a good laugh and then u can come back to nanette

Sacred Games Season 1

Authentic is something that was never an ingredient in indian TV series. Finally Netflix gifted us authenticity in form of sacred games directed by Vikramaditya motwane and Anurag Kashyap. Gist of the story: Politics is the villain and religion is it’s army.  Never knew Saif Ali Khan could metal the corrosion he derived from bollywood. His game just began with a splendid performance . Nawazuddin does so many gangster roles but never repeats himself in any form. He digs into role so deep that just his performance is solely responsible for our empathy. Humanizing the antagonist with different flavours is what Nawazuddin specailizes in. I have never binge watched any TV series but the gripping narative and execution compelled me to complete 6 hr long season in one go. This is a story that handcuffs ur eye to the screen with its intrigue and twists. Stop playing games with ur entertainment and watch sacred games. 9/10


Rajkumar Hirani is the true hero of the film because he makes story that touches the heart. More than Sanjay Dutt it is about the media sensationalism that brings havoc in someone’s life. The need of people to know the spice of others life makes the host’s life tasteless. Vicky Kaushal as sanju’s friend is the most heart warming character and he does humour with ease . Ur eyes are fixed on vicky whenever he and Ranbir are on same frame. Paresh Rawal might not have physical resmebelance with Sunil Dutt but he captures his soul beautifully. Finally about Ranbir!!! As Robert Downey Jr is to iron man and Hugh Jackman to Logan ,Ranbir is to the work he does. No one can replace him in his finest self. I found holding the lump in my throat more difficult than Ranbir might have , playing Sanjay Dutt. A movie that can be enjoyed in loop has arrived. 4.5/5


The preconceived notion of a Rajnikanth film doing the Rajnikanth stuff doesn’t hold for this film. Rajni washes out his swag and does acting in this one. It’s a treat to watch Nana Patekar as saafed and Rajni as kaala confronting each other. Nana commands his place as the villain . The most memorable character is Rajni’s wife who steals the act every time and does the fun lifting. The story holds blue print of ramayan and its nicely done. The screenplay does take way too long coming to the point with pointless songs . The director brings drama worthy for our attention . 3/5

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

There are superheroes which we aspire to become but can’t have that super power in reality and then there are Bhavesh joshi’s who inspire us with powers which they generate from their heart. Inspired by 2011’s anna Hazare corruption movement Vikramaditya motwane weaves a story loosely adapted from Batman’s ideology Harshavardhan is definitely good if not great as the vulnerable guy. The action sequences are believable and earthy . However the script writing is incoherent and gives out loop holes . Here the villain is the editor who could have made a tighter film out of an interesting story. Bhavesh Joshi Ko dekhne k liye zyada bhav wali ticket zaruri nahi hai .3/5

The Looming Tower

Streaming on: Amazon prime and Hulu
Synopsis: it was not just the conflict between Al-Qaeda and USA that led to 9/11 . The twin tower was shown ground due to the ideology difference amidst the 2 protecting entity’s namely the FBI and CIA. Such a audacious attempt by the makers of the series to show the limitations of FBI and mistakes of the CIA . 9/11 could have been averted if FBI and CIA dint indulge into petty fights and worked hand in hand. It might not be engaging enough in the first few episodes due to too much information and character development but hang on to this tower
Who should watch : viewers who like true story being depicted without adulteration of melodrama and sensationalism. 8/10

Deadpool 2

60 seconds into the film and u know this gonna make fun of alot of superheroes. There’s too much of superhero movies and pop culture references dedicated to creating humour and it does deliver, but if u haven’t seen many Hollywood films I recommend go for the hindi version ( although I’m not aware how Ranveer Singh would fit into the amazing dailogue diction of Ryan Reynolds).it doesn’t even shy of making fun of its lazy writing which is actually true as the story is wafer thin. Action is a blood burst pizza and does throw laughther along punches. Dive into this pool if u enjoyed the first deadpool. 3.5/5


Director Meghna gulzar’s previous venture Talwar was crsip and did not drown into self-indulgence of the character. The problem with Raazi ,it is not driven by the story of war but by Alia’s character. Never let a character overpower the story. What seemed promising in the 1st half was shot in the head by melodrama with Karan johar producing it. Alia is definitely great in this one too but it never brings lustre to the story. Special mention for Arijit Singh’s beautiful rendition of background songs. Iss film ko dekhne k liye raazi hona zaruri nahi. 2.5/5

The Handmaids Tale Season 1

Streaming on : HULU
What if the world grows in scarcity of children?
What will the authorities do about it?
Set in a parallel world in USA the handmaids tale is about the cruelty of the impotent important commanders and sterile women on those who are fertile. It’s a gut wrenching , horrifying tale of the atrocities and dictatorship carried out in the name of God on the fertile women in form of surrogacy. Elizabeth moss as June (offred) is worthy of the hype and golden globe for 2017’s best drama series. The story is imagined in US but can be true anywhere in future. Even though the series is dark it doesn’t make it’s viewers sad. It evokes anger and agony for the handmaid’s.
This series is for those who like to get shocked and surprised. The screenplay and cinematography is engaging for every episode .  Viewers in distress in their life and those who doesn’t savour the flavour of grim and gritty story shouldn’t apply eyes for this watch. 8.5/10



cover - the Perfect Order to watch Every Marvel Film released Before Avengers Infinity War

It’s about the transition of a man from grey to BLACK. Omar Saeed Shaikh is an empathetic man but only for his community and that turns him to a terror for all mankind. From his POV all that he is doing is a retaliation for freedom of his brothers and sisters. Raj Kumar rao captures Omar’s character as good as Omar to his victims. Most biopics are inspiring ,this one is terrifying. Mayham and chaos brings fulfillment to his conscious. It’s dark and bitter, so those with taste for dark chocolate can indulge this weekend others stay Sprite. 3/5

Avengers: Infinity War

cover - the Perfect Order to watch Every Marvel Film released Before Avengers Infinity War

This film is the ultimate definition of Entertainment. Come to think of it, What is entertainment? It is a box of goodies which includes excitement, cheer, thrill, adrenaline racing from ur helmet to your shoes, grief to calm u down. Don’t get shocked on Moments of the whistle and shouts overpowering the sound system of the theatre. 10 Years of accumulating stories and 18 movies boils down to this cinematic pleasure for every marvel fan. Let lose the kid in you and enjoy the ride that will make you repeat the journey over and again. Its gonna perspire, inspire and conspire every ounce of emotion from you till the end. Don’t go anywhere else this weekend Bcoz THANOS demands ur presence. 4.5/5


Love is not to b expressed it is to b felt. Love is not a return gift u get for showing up for a party. This is the core of October . Varun’s character Dan is a goofy childlike person who doesn’t care of his work, but the people around him. He might not b with a friend in his good time but will always b there during bad ones. Banita Sandhu doesn’t get to do much but whatever she gives from her eyes is beautiful. The approach for making this movie is blend just like the five star hotel food . But people don’t really go there for food right!!! They go for their hospitality . The movie is deliberately made slow to experience and imbibe the pain,the hope ,the grief . Movies like october are not meant for enjoyment inside the theatre but to change ur perception about life and cliches of love.


Even if he gets repetative ,Ajay devgn’s seriousness n his piercing eyes never fails to engage ur attention to what he is doing. He is as effective as he was in gangajal. But the hero of the movie is the villain Saurabh Shukla as tauji . Thekedar to woh levity aur sarcasm ka hai!!! . The 90 yr old mother is a character that brought the most laughs . The only problem is the song sequences and ridiculous climax to the fast paced crisp thriller. 3. This weekend ensure ur raid to the theatres.


Blackmail Movie Review By Nishant Shah - YDPD MediaThe dependable Irfan and surprising Arunoday Singh saves balckmail from getting spam. Convoluted script tries to bring shockvalue for the audience but seldom successful . Little bit streched and too much stressed on shoulders of Irfan is an easy picking for directors. Go with little expectations and u might find urself having a good tym.

Justice league

JUstice League Movie Review By Nishant Shah - YDPD MediaInfusion of superheroes that can bring levity to the dark action is now well learnt by DC . The flash as the amateur brings the right speed to the sluggish first half . All the adrenaline is in the 2nd half . There is a great moment for the Superfans(not a secret though). Batman seems the most boring out of all . New characters bring justice to this league.

Thor Ragnarok

Thor Movie Review By Nishant Shah - YDPD MediaDifferent is the new better. Marvel’s marvelous approach by getting the wacky director taika waititi makes it a splendid film. The humour is so smart and the music is just so cool and awesome that I need a warm gargle to fix my throat. Secure ur entertainment with this watch.


Newton Movie Review By Nishant Shah - YDPD MediaAuthentic and original. What happens and what is shown to us!!!. Whatever happens, u don’t change urself is what the film Is trying to convey. Pankaj Tripathi plays the best role by far this yr. rajkumar Rao is spectacular but Pankaj Tripathi grabs the attention when both of them confront. If anyone wants entertainment of the body go for the Navratri. Those who want a thought go for newton.



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